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Just On My Say So?

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Dear Subscriber,

I'm starting work on a major but secret project which I think will
spread the principles of self-ownership, non-aggression, and
voluntaryism, farther than anything I've ever done before--maybe
farther than anything anyone has ever done before. However, it's a
little tough to embark on a major project with a budget of zero,
and it's tough to get people to invest in something you can't tell
them anything about.

But a curious thought occurred to me. I wonder how many people have
followed my stuff for long enough, and liked what I've produced so
far, enough that they would invest a bit in something that is
almost a complete unknown, just on my say so. (I'm not even saying
anyone SHOULD do such a thing; just wondering how many would.) I
really do think this could have a pretty huge positive impact, but
I see a minimum start-up cost of between $2,000 and $3,000.

So right now, just as an experiment, I wanted to just ask how many
people on this list would "blindly" support such a thing. I'm
thinking one "share" would be $50, and each share, within a couple
months (IF this thing happens), will pay out $60, to keep things
really simple. But I can't do it at all if we wouldn't quickly sell
40 "shares" at the absolute minimum. So do NOT send any money for
this yet! At this point, I'm only ASKING what you think you WOULD
invest if I go ahead with this now. (Obviously, the project won't
be a secret AFTER the thing is publicly launched, so it's not like
you'd NEVER know what you invested in.)

So how many people on this list are brave and/or stupid enough to
invest $50 (or more) in what is basically a complete unknown, just
on my say so? (If you're wondering, exactly ZERO of the start-up
cost would go to me personally; it's for specific equipment, and
paying someone else a bit to help me with the project.)


Larken Rose
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