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Philadelphia, THIS Saturday ("Choosing Sides")

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. Choosing Sides

This Saturday, February 23 (2013), from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., I'll be
in downtown Philadelphia, on Independence Mall, for a protest
regarding Bradley Manning's 1,000th day in prison. Here's more info:

I was just working on a video about pack mentality when I was
invited to speak at this event, and the topic is a perfect fit, so
I'll just videotape my talk there. My "rant" will only be about 15
minutes, but I'll be hanging around before and after, if you want
to say hi, or throw rotten eggs at me.

As a teaser, my "rant" will have to do with the fact that too many
people would rather be loyal to "teams" than be loyal to
principles. People think in terms of my country against your
country, my race against your race, my religion against your
religion, my political party against your political party. And that
almost always ends up in people turning a blind eye to evil (when
committed by their own "team"), and feeling hostility to people who
should be their allies (if they're on the "other" team).

It should be a fun gathering of trouble-makers. Be there, or be an
equilateral right quadrangle.


Larken Rose
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