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E.T.M.: What It's NOT About

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. E.T.M.: What it's NOT about!

I was just explaining to someone--or trying to explain--what
"Escaping the Myth" is all about, and I noticed that mostly I was
pointing out lots of things it's NOT about. I do this because there
are a lot of things I would wonder, if someone wanted me to go to
some event, which might keep me away. So here ya go. (The next one
is happening in Westminster, Colorado, in just over a week, on
October 6th, so get a move on!)

Q: "Will it be argumentative and confrontational?"
A: "Nope. Not at all."

Q: "Will I be put on the spot?"
A: "Nope. You can participate as little or as much as you want."

Q: "Will my values or morals be attacked?"
A: "Absolutely not."

Q: "Is this about religion?"
A: "No. Your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, are irrelevant for
this event."

Q: "Is this event more liberal, or more conservative?"
A: "No." (Even if you didn't think that was a yes-or-no question.)

Q: "Will I need to know stuff about philosophy?"
A: "No."

Q: "Will I need to know anything about history, or politics?"
A: "Nope, nothing."

Q: "Will I need to know anything about anything?"
A: "It will help if you can comprehend basic English. (Speaking it
is optional.)"

Q: "Do I need to be super-smart?"
A: "No. You don't even need to be of average intelligence."

Q: "Are there age restrictions?"
A: "Not really. The subject matter and presentation are appropriate
for teen and up. If you can sit still--or even sit fidgeting--for
an hour and a half at a time, you're welcome to attend."

Q: "Does the event push a particular candidate or political party?"
A: "No."

Q: "Is this some militia/survivalist thing, about overthrowing the
A: "No."

Q: "Well, what IS it about?"
A: "Show up and find out."

Q: "What if, when it's done, I don't think I learned anything?"
A: "You get your money back."

Q: "What if it dramatically alters my view of reality?"
A: "Deal with it."

Q: "How can I learn more about 'Escaping the Myth'?"
A: "Buy a ticket and go to it."

Larken Rose
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