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Anarchy Radio!

Today, from 5 to 6 p.m., Eastern time, I will be hijacking Larry
Becraft's radio show, "Liberty's Anvil," and bending it to my will!
(Okay, it was actually Larry's idea.) I've hogged plenty of air
time on various shows as a guest, but this will be my first time
HOSTING a show. Hopefully I won't botch it up too badly. You'll be
able to listen live at this web site:

The topic I'm planning on is "From Servant to Master," having to do
with the ways in which the "legal" system of this country, though
somewhat contradictory from the start, had elements of how things
SHOULD be, pieces of which were almost "voluntaryist," which have
eroded over time. It wasn't always a system of arbitrary commands
being viewed as "law." So we'll be looking at where it came from,
where it's gotten to, and why it was doomed to go the way it did.

Larken Rose