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The Ogden Party is ON.

(originally launched int cyberspace on 03/15/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

I'm back. I was just communing with alligators for a few days.

The Ogden party is ON for April 15th! However, there is a lot of work to do
to make it actually happen, and I have neither the knowledge, resources, or
time to make it happen by myself. It should be fairly easy to get the word
out about it, but we have to be able to physically GET PEOPLE THERE.

This is the biggest challenge, since Ogden, Utah, isn't exactly next door to
most of us. (It's at least a couple thousand miles from me.) Those who can
afford airfare for such a thing, great. But a lot can't. I'm guessing that
a small fleet of chartered busses from various places is the most economical
way to go. After a bit of research, it looks like a bus holding 50 people
costs about $1000 a day. That's pretty dang expensive if ONE person is
paying for it, but that's only $20 a day if 50 people split it.

Again, I am NOT able to orchestrate the whole endeavor to get people there
(by bus or any other method). For those who can get themselves there,
great. For those who need to pool resources, we'll need some organization.
Here is what I think we need--and we need it to happen pretty quickly, since
we only have a month to do it:

1) A few people to "recon" the Ogden offices of the IRS, first of all to
find out if the "1160 West 1200 South" and "Rulon White Blvd" addresses are
the same place (or even close); to get maps and/or pictures of the place so
we can figure out exactly WHERE to have the party; to get any necessary
permits for doing it, etc. (Yes, we need a "permit" to peacably assemble,
even though the Constitution says it's a RIGHT. Hmmmm.)

2) Various individuals to arrange chartering busses from difference places:
maybe one or two from California, one from south of Ogden, a couple from the
east, or whatever we need to get the people there who want to be. The first
thing is to find out how many people we're looking at, at least for
starters. Maybe the best way is to split it into bus routes like this:

North of Ogden (through WA, OR, and ID)
West of Ogden (through CA and NV)
South and Southeast (through TX, NM, and AZ)

From the east will be tricky, because the farther away people are, the less
likely they are to attempt the trip (especially by bus). We'll just have to
see what people are willing to do.

If you want to figure out some other method (maybe a chartered plane from
Florida, if it's not too ridiculously expensive), then chime in.

For right now, I'm looking to quickly get volunteers for the following

1) RECON TEAM (maybe three or four people close to Ogden)
3) COORDINATOR FROM NORTH OF OGDEN (one to three people)
4) COORDINATOR FROM WEST OF OGDEN (one to three people)
6) COORDINATOR FROM EAST OF OGDEN (three to six people)

Notice, this is NOT asking who all wants to come. AFTER I get volunteers
for the above, then I'll post them to this list, so people can find out who
they should be contacting in their area to be included. (My next message
will also get into the purpose of the "party," the agenda, etc.)


Larken Rose
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