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Ogden Party

(originally launched into cyberspace on 03/04/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

You won't be hearing much from me for a couple weeks. (Don't worry,
everything is fine.)

I think the party on April 15th in Ogden, Utah, is on. However, we still
need more people. I'd like about 100 more people to commit in the next
couple weeks. So here's the deal: I will announce on March 15th whether the
party is on for April 15th, based on the response I get before that.

If we are on by then, we'll start setting the details and hyping it in
different places. We'll also start figuring out how to best get people
there who want to go but don't have a zillion dollars for airfare. I know a
couple people said they'd donate mullah to help make it happen, and I'm
thinking of maybe chartering a bus or two... or three. Heck, maybe even a
plane, though I'm guessing that's pretty dang expensive.

Anyway, first we have to make sure enough people will go that it's worth the
effort to organize and plan (and fund) the whole thing. So if you can make
it, speak up. (If you already told me so, please do NOT speak up again, or
I'll lose track of which is which.) This should be fun.


Larken Rose
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