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IRS/Ogden, Utah

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/19/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

From the initial response to the idea of a party outside the Ogden, Utah
offices of the IRS, it looks like it will probably happen. Today more than
50 people told me they were pretty sure they could make it, and more sounded
hopeful but not so sure. So we'll go ahead with planning it, but I will
stick to my arbitrary number of 200: if 200 people don't commit, I won't
bother. We have two months to get a decent showing, which shouldn't be too

However, I want to make it clear up front what I do want this to be, and
what I DON'T want it to be. Again, this "propaganda war" is as much about
human psychology as it is about law. The "punchline" here (that most of us
don't owe federal income taxes) sounds looney to most people. We have to do
everything we can to overcome that, and do NOTHING to reinforce the
impression that we're fringe nutcases.

If what I describe below isn't what you want to do, that's fine. We'll do
our thing, and you do yours. But the LAST thing I want at this "party" is
to give the media and the IRS something to "spin" to make us look like
clueless fruitcakes (which is no doubt what they will EXPECT us to be), or
like whiny law-breakers.

This is NOT a "protest" of any law, or an opportunity to whine about tax
rates, or propose some alternative tax system, or rant about every
imaginable theory about the tax, etc. There has to be ONE message and one
mission there. If that message isn't for you, then this event isn't for

The Message:

The IRS breaks the law dozens of ways every day, and it's perfectly
justifiable to complain about all such violations. But to keep the message
understandable to the public, the press, etc., we have to make it painfully
simple. Our goal is to make them state their OWN POSITION on a few points
about how one should determine his taxable income. (We'll be sure to have a
copy of their "Mission Statement," as well as 26 CFR § 601.501(c), both of
which indicate they should be more than happy to help us understand what the
law requires of us.)

That is the WHOLE point, and the ONLY point of this event: to address what
the LAW says about which income is taxable. The endeavor will be designed
so that you do NOT need to agree with or even understand the 861 evidence.
You should understand the QUESTIONS, and you should think that the
government ought to be able to explain what their own regulations say.
That's about the only "requirement" for being there.


There is still plenty of time to plan the specifics, but here are a few
things that come to mind about how we should do this:

1) We are going to tell them in advance what we will be doing, and tell them
what we will be asking (and tell them we will be bringing the media with
us). This won't be an ambush. It will be pretty much like the
letter-writing campaigns, only instead of waiting for a response, we will
tell them when we want answers by, and we will be SHOWING UP at their
offices to get those answers.

2) We will have with us several attorneys, CPAs, etc., in case the media or
the IRS wants to pull the old "we suggest you consult a credentialled tax
professional." "Since you mention it, we DID, and they agreed with us."
(That alone carries a lot of power with the "expert"-following mentality
that a lot of people have.)

3) We will have "press kits" that even reporters can understand. It is
imperative that we NOT have the crowd yammering to the press about the 16th
Amendment, the "voluntary" thing, etc., etc. We have to avoid saying
ANYTHING the IRS (and the media) can use to distract from the real issue.

4) I don't plan to march around with a grumpy face all day, looking like a
bunch of malcontents. Let's have fun. While we're hanging around on their
doorstep, and inbetween going inside to visit them, handing out videos and
flyers, we might as well have a few talks. A complete "in-your-face"
approach, but done politely and intelligently, WILL get some media
attention. No, I don't expect the media to be on our side (of course), but
we don't really need them to be.

I'll give more details about the plan in the coming months, and figure out
ways for people to plan their travel, lodging (if necessary), and other
logistical challenges.

Why Ogden?:

As some of you know from experience, if you even MENTION "861" to the IRS,
suddenly you will start getting letters (illegal, threatening letters) from
the Ogden, Utah office, with one of a few names on them: Dennis Paiz, Dennis
Parizek, Richard Creamer, and a couple others. They have a special team
there specifically for the purpose of DENYING DUE PROCESS to anyone who
mentions the 861 evidence. They will try to deny meetings, threaten
"frivolous return" fines, skip all the way to Notice of Deficiency and then
collections without any Examination or Appeals hearings, as well as throwing
in the usual accusations, insults, evasions and threats.

I am convinced that one of the main reasons that so many "861" cases end up
in Ogden, and the reason they try NOT to send them back to local offices
(even though the law REQUIRES it), is because they want to isolate most IRS
employees from the 861 evidence. They want to whisk all the 861 cases to a
special office, so their 90,000 paper-pushers across the country aren't
exposed to the issue. (Who knows what could happen if IRS employees
actually LOOKED at their own regulations... heaven forbid.)

They know darn well that (unless you live near Ogden) as long as the Ogden
office has the case, you will never get anything resembling due process.
You will get irrelevant form letters that insult you for quoting their own
regulations, and then other form letters threatening collection actions. In
short, the American Gestapo lives in the Ogden, Utah offices of the IRS.
Let's pay them a visit, shall we?

I want Dennis Paiz, or Parizek, or whatever his real name is, to be in his
office, with a couple HUNDRED people asking to talk to him. By the way, I
plan to be there when he shows up at work, and when he leaves. (Somehow it
wouldn't surprise me if he called in "sick.") And there are plenty of
others who have some answering to do.

I often invite people to go to things they might enjoy. I don't think I've
ever told people "BE AT THIS EVENT!" But this time is different. If you
can possibly get to Ogden on April 15th, please DO IT. You know how alone
and helpless you USUALLY feel dealing with the IRS: little old you against
the all-powerful, all-nasty IRS. Well let's change the numbers a bit, have
some fun, and let the real law-breakers feel the heat for a change.


Larken Rose
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