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Party in Ogden, April 15th

(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/19/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

Many of you who have been so evil as to mention the unspeakable section of
the law (861) to the IRS know that they like to send all such cases to
Ogden, Utah, where they have their special unit for dealing with "frivolous"
arguments. (I'm not sure exactly what is special about them, since mostly
what they do is send out the same worthless form letters that any other
office could send.)

To get to the point, I want to have a party on their doorstep on April 15th.
However, I only think it would be worth it if we can get a decent turn-out.
Going to Utah would be a significant hardship for a lot of people (including
me), and I wouldn't bother doing it if three people will show up. However,
if we could get 200 (just to throw out a random number), I think it would be
worth it. I believe we can get local media attention if we can do this.
We'd hype it a bit, let the Ogden office know we'll be there, and that we
expect answers to three or four questions. (Actually, we probably expect
evasions, but that's okay.)

If this happens, it has to be a focused, organized endeavor. It can't be a
general whining party, or a legal argument free-for-all. It has to be one
message, or it will be counter-productive. But before we plan any more
about it, I want to know if we can get a couple hundred people to agree to
go. (Of course, I'd prefer more than that.) This will either be a
worthwhile endeavor because a lot of people decide to make it happen,
regardless of the inconvenience of getting there, getting out of work for
the day, etc., or it won't be worth doing.

Several other interesting things will be happening before then, but in the
next couple weeks I'll decide whether to go ahead with the Ogden party plan
or not, based on how many people tell me they can and will be there.


Larken Rose
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