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(originally launched into cyberspace on 02/11/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

First, to those who missed my interview on the radio this morning but wanted
to hear it, it's now available here:

(Don't ask me how to make an MP3 play, but I think there are free players
available for download somewhere, if you don't already have one.)

Second, I want to thank all the trouble-makers who sent the second letter to
Pam Olson. (In this day and age, politely asking your public servants
reasonable questions about the law qualifies you as a "trouble-maker.")
Apparently salesfolk know what they're doing when they say "last chance!" I
said it was the last time I would nag you folk about that letter, and in one
day 100 more people added their names to the list. The total is now over
300, which I'm pleased about.

(I heard from someone that Pam Olson looked a little tired or stressed out
on TV today. Hmmm.)

Third, I wanted to make a quick comment about what happened to Irwin
Schiff's offices today. For those who have not heard, they were raided by
about 20 IRS agents, who proceeded to swipe his computers and other records,
related to Mr. Schiff advising people to not pay income taxes.

I make no secret about the fact that I think Mr. Schiff is dead wrong in his
main conclusions (that wages are not "income," for example). I'm not here
to gloat, and the IRS no doubt violated at least a few laws in their raid.
(For one thing, if you think ANY IRS agent is authorized to carry a firearm
while on duty, look up 26 USC § 7608.) But hey, what's a few laws broken
between friends?

No, my point today is about followers, leaders, and neither-of-the-above.
We need more of that last category. Some people LIKE to have followers. I
don't. I love to have lots of people who share my beliefs and convictions,
but I don't want people handing off their judgment to me any more than I
want them handing it off to anyone else. KEEP your judgment. You have it
for a reason. Use it or lose it.

The feds have openly been targetting so-called "leaders" in the "movement,"
both those who understand the law and those who don't. Why? Because it is
easier to put a bunch of followers in their place by squashing their leader
than it is to squash all the followers individually. Whether the "leader"
was going in the right direction or not, when a leader is hit, the followers
often wander aimlessly, run for shelter, etc.

Uh oh... I feel an analogy coming on.

What is a "militia"? A group of fringe, paranoid trigger-happy nutcases, as
the media would have you believe? Actually, "militia" means an armed
populace. (In fact, federal law even defines the term that way: 10 USC §
311.) The Founders greatly preferred a well-trained militia to a "standing
army," and I believe one reason is this: an armed populace, on its own land,
CANNOT surrender. I don't just mean they don't want to. I mean they CAN'T.
If someone nasty comes to YOUR house, then YOU can surrender. But you can't
surrender on behalf of everyone ELSE.

In short, an invading army would have to get ONE surrender for our
government "protectors" to give up. Then they would have to get about
100,000,000 INDIVIDUAL surrenders to have the populace give up. (I don't
know about you, but I wouldn't want to be somewhere where about a hundred
million angry people with guns really, really didn't want me to be.)

No, I'm not preaching about gun rights here (though I could). The point is
that an army of INDIVIDUALS, who each independently have the knowledge,
courage, and determination to RESIST some nasty oppression, is far more
powerful than ANY power hierarchy (i.e. a few leaders and a bunch of

This note isn't a way of saying that I expect to be raided next, so fend for
yourselves. The feds would have to be out of their minds to raid my house,
mainly because I intentionally don't DO case work, I have no clients, and I
don't tell people what to do (much to the annoyance of some of you). So
they wouldn't even have their usual lame excuse for playing Gestapo Thugs in
my livingroom. (And since I SEND the feds just about everything I write,
all they'd get would be copies of what I already sent them myself anyway.)

But let's pretend they do that. Or, to go one step further (just for fun),
let's pretend I die in a mysterious plane crash in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Then what? How many of you will run to the hills, never to utter the term
"861" again? Very few, I hope. (Actually, NONE, I hope, but that may be
asking too much.)

The truth about the income tax is out, and that cat will never go back in
the bag. Ever. If I die in a freak salad-tossing accident tomorrow, I KNOW
that many hundreds of you will continue the battle exactly as you are doing
now. THAT is our strength. We are incapable of surrender, and incapable of

Again, if you are an UNDERSTANDER instead of just a BELIEVER, your knowledge
cannot be shaken. Yes, many may still choose to file the "normal"
(incorrect) way, and cough up lots of money to the IRS. Self-preservation
is no sin, and martyrdom doesn't usually accomplish much. But whatever
battle you choose, in whatever way, what you KNOW will remain, and will
grow, and will spread to other people. If you are content to follow, it is
quite likely that eventually your "leader" will have a heart atack, get
imprisoned, turn out to be a fraud, etc. But if you UNDERSTAND for
yourself, then you become your own leader. Put your trust in YOUR OWN
JUDGMENT, not in any guru, or activist, or warrior.

Again, there's a REASON you are capable of individual judgment. Use it.


Larken Rose
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