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Updates regarding the 861 source issue and the web site

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/20/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

As some of you noticed (which is why I know about it), this morning on CNBC
on some money show they read part of my "please prosecute me" thing. You
can see the whole ad here:

The response (I'm told) was the "experts" complaining that the feds aren't
doing enough to go after these nasty people (meaning me). I concur... which
they didn't seem to notice. (I was, after all, INVITING them to prosecute

From what I have heard, they read the first and last paragraphs, and left
out the rest. That actually makes some sense, since most people wouldn't
understand the substance of it anyway just from hearing it read once. What
I DID find curious is that they omitted my name while reading it. That
strikes me as a strange way to do "reporting." It's sort of like them
reporting "a man dared police to arrest him today... but we won't tell you
who." Huh? What an odd thing to leave out. (Surely they didn't think I
would object to it being public, since I was publicizing it myself.)

I don't have any particular desire to hear my name used more often, but it
seems to happen rather often that the press leaves off the information that
would have allowed people to look up for themselves what the OTHER side (us)
has to say. The New York Times has reported on the 861 issue a bunch of
times, but as far as I recall, has never mentioned my web sites, or the
video, or the Thurston Bell or Taxgate web sites. (If someone knows
otherwise, let me know.) I must give credit to CNBC, however, for
mentioning "Theft By Deception" by name. (That should be enough for anyone
who knows how to use a search engine to find out more.)

On a final note (which I may have said before), expect the mainstream media
and the feds to gear up their propaganda machine like you've never seen it
before, until April 15th. Whatever you do, do NOT judge what is going on by
what the media reports. (Mostly they just parrot whatever their favorite
government source gives them, and like any propagandist, their message will
be "resistance is futile.") If you believe the media over the next few
months, it will be easy to conclude that all is lost and the fraud will live
forever. It isn't so.


Larken Rose
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