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Now the good news...

(originally launched into cyberspace 01/17/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

My previous two messages dealt with the feds' tactics, and specifically with
the recent media attention on Lynne Meredith. I explained (to the annoyance
of some) how the "tax honesty movement" is doing excellent propaganda... for
the OTHER SIDE. As is to be expected, this angers a lot of well-meaning
people, since I basically told them that all their hard work and
perseverance is helping the other side more than it's helping the truth.

Actually, I was somewhat surprised how FEW "nasty-grams" I got, and how many
"right ons" I got in response to my "If I were them..." message. And that
brings me to the point of this message.

Most people in this country know nothing about tax law. That's not supposed
to be an insult, and I doubt many would disagree with the statement. The
point is that their beliefs about the law are NOT a result of looking at the
law itself, but rather are the result of deciding which ASSERTIONS to
believe. Of course, the main thing they hear is the status quo "of course
you owe this" line that the government, the mainstream media, and the tax
professionals spout, but they occasionally are also exposed to various
claims by those in the "tax honesty movement," such as "the tax is
voluntary," or "the tax is unconstitutional," the 861 evidece, etc.

The bad news is that most people, INCLUDING most "patriot" types, base their
beliefs mainly on assertions, and on very little EVIDENCE. I see IDENTICAL
mental processes in the comments of those who say "of course your income is
taxable" and in the comments of those who say "only corporate profit is
income" (as one example). They get emotional easily, and always have to
defer to someone ELSE as the support for their claim (whether a status quo
"expert" or some "untax guru"). They quote things they do not understand,
and have no explanation for evidence which contradicts their belief.
(Incidentally, I have also seen people do this who BELIEVE the 861 evidence,
rather than UNDERSTANDING it, and I think it's a shame.)

Unfortunately, MOST people are easily manipulated and swayed, because they
do not base their conclusions and actions on EVIDENCE and LOGIC. They can
be dragged around by their feelings, and trained to think whatever good
propaganda artists want them to think.

Consider, for example, political campaigns. If some politician gives a good
speech, his "approval rating" can jump by big percentage points,
representing MILLION of Americans changing their minds about him. Is it
presenting new evidence and laying out logic that suddenly transforms a
slimy politician into the nation's darling? Certainly not. It's because of
what he LOOKED like, whether he sounded sincere, whether it FELT good
listening to him, etc. What does that have to do with the truth? Not a
thing. But it sure has the power to sway people all over the place.

People are eager to follow a charismatic leader, whether he has any sense or
whether he is suggesting that they drink poisoned Kool-Aid. The enthusiasm,
confidence, and persuasiveness is what counts, not whether what the guy is
saying is true or rational. And that's true in the "patriot" movement as
much as anywhere else.

HOWEVER... (and now I'm finally getting to the good news)... not EVERYONE is
an emotional butterfly, able to be flung around where ever the wind may
blow. There are those who have a different view of reality; a view that
requires that they UNDERSTAND something for themselves before they shout it
from the rooftops. They are not easily swayed in ANY direction by emotion
or assertions. They do not immediate throw their faith at something that
sounds nice (even if it's correct), nor do they give up their loyalty to an
issue simply because someone declares with an air of authority that the
issue is "frivolous," evil, or otherwise distasteful.

These are the THINKERS. While they may be greatly outnumbered by the
easily-manipulated "feelers," they are far more worthwhile allies to have.
The good news is that we have a LOT of these on board with the 861 evidence,
and NOTHING will budge them but actual EVIDENCE and LOGIC--something very
lacking in the arguments of the 861-bashers, whether in the government, the
status quo tax profession, or the patriot movement.

There are a whole lot of people who are not content to believe; they want to
UNDERSTAND. It often takes them weeks or months to really get on board,
because they are intellectually careful. They don't WANT to rely on wishful
thinking; if there is a problem with some claim, they WANT to understand it.
They play "Devil's Advocate" to an almost obsessive degree, because they can
only achieve intellectual comfort through first hand knowledge and
understanding, not from following some guru.

If you want an ally in a cause, THESE are the people to get. Those who will
sway where ever the wind blows are unreliable, temporary, "fair weather
friends." They do not UNDERSTAND, so they can easily be verbally bullied
into doubt, or even surrender.

Mind you, I'm not saying these are BAD people. MOST people fit the
description, including most of the people I know and love. Most people
don't have TIME to obsessively research an issue like this for themselves,
and I can't fault anyone for that. As an analogy, most good people don't
know how to use an AR-15 (if they know what one is). That doesn't mean they
are bad people, but it DOES mean they are not the people to have next to you
if we get invaded by marauding hordes.

Likewise, the people we want on our side in the fight against the income tax
deception are these "thinkers"; these rational, obsessive, principled,
determined blocks of concrete. Not only do we have them; we have HUNDREDS
of them.

I don't just mean we have hundreds of people who agree with the 861 evidence
(we have tens of thousands of them); I mean we have hundreds who have a
grasp on the truth that NOTHING will shake. No matter how much the
"experts" and the government officials huff and puff, these people will
still know the truth. No matter how many mistakes those in the "tax honesty
movement" make, these people will understand what the LAW says. Short of
them dying, these people are "truth anchors" that won't be budged. (While
they WOULD be open to new, contradictory evidence, they obsessed long enough
to understand that there IS no contradictory evidence.)

Why does this matter? Because it means we CANNOT lose. The number of these
"truth anchors" continues to grow, while the number of "casual believers"
continues to grow as well. Once the thinkers understand, they cannot be
made to "unlearn" it. To use a military analogy, they are a bit of ground
the enemy will NEVER recapture, and a place from which the truth will
continue to spread as long as they breath.

So WHATEVER happens, whatever the news reports, whatever "patriot" crashes
and burns, whatever happens to anyone (including me), rest assured that this
fraud WILL fall. The only question is when. My answer is "soon."


Larken Rose
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