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What the public will learn from Lynne...

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/17/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

As some of you no doubt guessed, the timing of my last message (about "If I
were them...") was not coincidence. The media is now paying attention to
Lynne Meredith, who not only doesn't give the IRS money or tax returns, but
sells materials telling other people how to do the same. Various
newspapers, and now 20/20, are running stories about her.

"Great, we're finally getting some attention!"

Before you put on your party hats, look again. Don't just think about how
you WISH the public would respond; think about how they actually WILL. What
will they learn from this?

1) Over the years Ms. Meredith has made a LOT of money selling her
materials. While making money isn't immoral, the feds will use this to
vilify here. (They are already talking about her many cars and other

Lesson #1: "She's just selling a scam to make money."

2) Ms. Meredith does not understand the law. She argues that the tax is
"voluntary," when the law itself says no such thing (regardless of the
Orwellian rhetoric in legally-irrelevant IRS publications). She also argues
that no law makes her liable. Actually, that is probably correct, since she
probably has no taxable income, but that's not what she's arguing. (She
does NOT rely on the 861 evidence at all. I even seem to recall her bashing
it, but I might be thinking of someone else.) She claims there is no income
tax liability clause. But if she DID receive taxable income, the law WOULD
make her liable for filing and paying (26 USC §§ 6012 and 6151).

Lesson #2: "Her theory about why she doesn't have to pay is silly."

3) Ms. Meredith is now being prosecuted.

Lesson #3: "People who resist the IRS go to jail."

4) The media is paying attention to her case, and touting her as one of the
most vocal "tax protestors."

Lesson #4: "If anyone can argue against the tax laws, it must be her."

So in summary, what will the public learn? They will "learn" that the tax
protestor movement is headed by scam artists who argue silly things, make
lots of money off of selling scams, and then go to prison.

Is that really the "attention" we need? Is that going to help end the
fraud? Certainly not. Ms. Meredith is a pawn, and one that will be played
quite well by the other side. Again, THINK, do not just FEEL. MOST of what
the "movement" does HELPS the fraud survive, and good motives and hard work
do not change that. As I've said before, I see this fraud ending IN SPITE
OF the "tax honesty movement," not because of it. You can get mad at me for
saying that if you want, but that is how the game works.


Larken Rose
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