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What a Find! (oops!)

(originally launched into cyberspace on 01/14/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

First, I just made a great find!... on my own web site. Oops. (That shows
how organized I am.)

A bunch of people have had trouble finding the cross-reference from 61 to
861. There are two obstacles to doing that: 1) it's NOT in the
cross-reference found in the TEXT of the statute at 61(b)--it's in the
cross-reference usually found after the amendments, and; 2) it has been
removed (along with all other editorially-supplied cross-references) from
the GPO printing of the code since 2001.

Anyway, the "find" (on my own site) was a page that has a few scans which
may come in handy, including scans of the cross-reference in the three main
printings of the Code (USC, USCA and USCS). (See, I didn't just make it
up.) There are a couple other relevant scans there. Here is the page:


In other news, some people have wondered (out loud) if my web site will be
the next shut down, or whether my video will be banned. Fear not.

First of all, on the legal front the feds have no leverage to shut me down
(and they know it), because I go out of my way to NOT tell people what to
actually DO about their alleged taxes, except that I tell them to determine
what they owe based entirely on the LAW ITSELF (what a scofflaw I am, huh?).

As most of you know, they once STARTED to try the "abusive tax shelter"
accusation on me, and we had a meeting about it. To those who haven't read
about it, it's a fun read, especially the meeting transcript. Here's the

(I haven't heard a peep about it since 10/18/01.)

So their "legal" ability to shut down my site is next to nothing. But if
they DID fudge the law enough to try it, it would fail anyway. (Notice I
don't expect the "law" to protect me.)

A bunch of people across the country back up my whole web site on a regular
basis, and can immediately put up "mirror" sites (exact copies on other
servers). Furthermore, I can immediately hand off ownership of my sites to
other people who are waiting in the wings. The same is true of the video;
there is a line of people who automatically acquire the copyrights to it if
anything happens to me (death, injunction, prosecution, whatever). There
isn't a thing they can do to silence this. (Gotta love that internet... and
they hate it.)

They can only get injunctions prohibiting certain INDIVIDUALS from doing or
saying things; they cannot ban a video or a web site. If they ever stopped
ME from saying what I say (and they won't), they would have to do the same
to several THOUSAND others, one at a time, to accomplish anything. It ain't
gonna happen.


In other other news, a couple people may have concerns about being on this
update list, since the government has demanded that Thurston Bell turn over
his client list (and they wonder if something similar might happen to me).

Fear not. First of all, you aren't my clients. Notice I don't tell you
what to do about your alleged taxes (to the annoyance of many of you).
Subscribing to a discussion list is not the same as paying for tax advice
services. They have no legal leg to stand on to get this list.

But perhaps more importantly, I don't HAVE the list of people subscribed. I
could get it if I wanted, but I don't have it. (I could also delete the
whole thing from where I am, if I ever felt the need, which I doubt will
ever be the case.) The list is maintained elsewhere, and the feds would
probably never want it, and they sure won't ever GET it. I'm not going to
let them harass YOU just for looking into the issue. (I find it sad that in
this "free country" we even have any reason to be worried about receiving


Finally, a bunch of you have asked for David Cay Johnston's e-mail address.
I doubt it will do any good saying anything to him (since he considers THE
LAW ITSELF to be "irrelevant minutia"), but I'm not going to hide it from
you. Here it is:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The truth goes marching on.


Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.