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A Test...

(originally launched into cyberspace on 1/12/2003

Dear List Subscriber,

The New York Times will report tomorrow that a judge has signed an order
enjoining Thurston Bell from assisting people with tax matters. I have not
seen the actual order yet, but it sounds like not only will Mr. Bell be
silenced, but the court is trying to require him to publicly post, on his
own site, a statement saying that his conclusions are incorrect. So not
only do they want us censored; they want to force us to blatantly LIE in
their favor. "Just kneel, kiss the ring, and swear allegiance to the King,
and your death will be quick and painless." Welcome to the land of the

I'll have more to say on this soon, but tonight I'd thought I would put this
test before you (at least for those somewhat familiar with the issue): Does
this news affect your own conclusions about the accuracy of the 861
evidence? If so, then your conclusions were a "belief," rather than an
UNDERSTANDING. If that is the case, your conclusions will flop around which
ever way the wind blows. If you have the EVIDENCE, threats and orders of
people wearing the mantle of "authority" will do NOTHING to sway your
conclusions, if they are not accompanied by actual EVIDENCE.

If the news of Mr. Bell being silenced makes you rethink practical or
tactical matters, that's understandable. If you were hoping that the system
would do the right thing, now you know better, and you can plan and act
accordingly. But if you will now bow and kiss the ring, swearing allegiance
to the royal lies and intimidations, then you should do more learning and
less believing.

Is this a major set-back? For a whole lot of people relying on NITE to help
them through the IRS' maze of procedural garbage, yes. But in the long run,
this will NOT slow the demise of the fraud. Again, if you are looking for
those in power to give it up without a fight, just because you asked nicely
and rationally, think again. That is absolutely contrary to the nature of
"government" and "authority." If you view the courts as the final judge,
you should have given up ages ago (as I've said before). But despite what
the status quo proponents would have you believe, the "system" is NOT the
final arbiter. YOU ARE.

When the British troops tried to disarm the colonists at Lexington, do you
think the colonists were SURPRISED when the British troops fired on them?
"Oh goodness me, they SHOT at me!" That's what governments ALWAYS do when
their power is in danger. Why would anyone be shocked that the U.S.
government is viciously trying to shut down anyone who mentions 861. What
should we expect? "Well gosh, since you put it that way, I guess we HAVE
been defrauding you your whole life! Sorry about that." Is there any hint
anywhere in history that ANY power structure would EVER act like that? Of
course not. Look what they have to lose. Of COURSE they will do everything
they can to silence those who are saying things that endanger their power.

Consider this event a test of the knowledge and determination of those who
would resist tyranny. Do we buckle now, because another mortal with a gavel
was convinced to say "frivolous" and censor one of us? I won't. How about

More on this tomorrow.


Larken Rose
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