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(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/12/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

I know I've said this a billion times, but we are in a propaganda war here
with the IRS. They cannot survive a rational discussion, or a debate of
law; they have to resort to good old-fashioned, completely dishonest
propaganda and intimidation tactics.

This list continues to grow (now at about 2,600), so there are always new
people. However, a whole lot of you have seen examples of how surreal it
gets when we try to get answers to a few fundamental, painfully reasonable
questions about how to DETERMINE WHAT (if anything) WE OWE in federal income
taxes. Most of the country never sees that. They see the "press releases"
(a.k.a. intimidation rants) by the Department of Justice, pounding their
chests about how they have just silenced another evil "bogus scam promoter"
via court injunction.

Propaganda is nothing new. Every military commander in the last several
thousands years has known about it, and USES it. (Check out "The Art of
War," by Sun Tzu, if you think it's something new.) It's no secret, but it
still WORKS. It works off of human psychology. If, by words, an oppressive
government or enemy army can actually convince a people that "resistance is
futile," they will give up. Intimidating the enemy has a HUGE effect, even
if it's all bluff.

I forget the particulars, but one example I read about, which occurred many
centuries ago, was a commander who KNEW he was no match for an approaching
army, had his armorers make some way over-sized sets of armor, and leave
them lying around, and then retreated. The invaders, seeing the armor (and
assuming there were WARRIORS that big that the armor was made for) RAN AWAY.

Propaganda works.

I won't give a whole lecture on propaganda, but I saw something today that
helps make an important point. The Iraqi "Minister of Information" (gotta
love that title) has been the source of much entertainment for most of the
world, with his truly amazing attempts at propaganda. His general message
is that Iraq has just about won the war. Here is a link someone sent me
today about it, which includes some amazing quotes:

Whatever you think of the war, whether U.S. troops should be there, how it
should be done, etc., this guy is a fruitcake. He's not a fruitcake for
lying (or "spinning," as liars like to call it). EVERY government in EVERY
war does that. It's called "propaganda," and it is ALWAYS used in EVERY
war. He's a fruitcake for knowing one thing about propaganda, but missing a
more important piece.

Believe it or not, there is immense power in being able to state a BLATANT
LIE with a straight face. It's so hard for most people to do convincingly,
and most people find it so hard to accept that their OWN "representatives"
would just plain LIE (though it's okay if they occasional "spin" things a
bit), that it WORKS.

"I saw your neighbor kill your cat! I swear it! I'm not kidding, and I can
prove it! I'm telling the truth!" If you can tell your friend that, and
sound convincing, he will--at least temporarily--BELIEVE you (though he may
then want some evidence). Really good liars (and I do NOT mean people like
Bill Clinton, who everyone knows is a liar) can be amazingly convincing, and
thereby get very powerful. Some of the best liars work for governments,
including the U.S. government.

If you read some of the comments by the Iraqi "Minister of Information," you
will probably be shocked that anyone could lie that blatantly in public.
How could anyone, ON CAMERA, actually make such claims? He says that Iraq
still controls the airport (yes, the one that U.S. war planes are flying in
and out of now), is winning the war--and is certain to prevail, is killing
Americans troops by the zillions while suffering very few casualties, etc.

Again, no matter what you think of the war, those comments are just nuts.
The guy's error was NOT that he blatantly lied. With a strong control over
the media in Iraq, their government is used to being able to blatantly lie
and get away with it... yes, even worse than Congress here. Where he messes
up is in saying things that the Iraqi people will quickly see with their OWN
EYES are false.

But my point here concerning propaganda is this: for matters where the truth
is NOT readily apparent to any citizen who looks out his front door, EVERY
government will LIE THROUGH ITS TEETH if its power is threatened. The U.S.
government is no exception. We might WISH that all our "public servants"
and "representatives" were good, honest people, but they aren't. I'm sure
EVERYONE on this list can think of a few things that they think the feds
have lied about (though you might disagree with each about which were lies
and which were true). My point is: believe what you see with your OWN EYES,
not what "Ministers of Information" tell you.

If someone can make the absurd claims mentioned above (concerning the
situation in Iraq), is it be hard to believe that U.S. officials would lie
about things NOT so easy to prove false? "That's frivolous!" Oh, okay.
Well since you told me that, I'll just slink back into submission. They do
it because IT WORKS.

Propaganda works. It works because of how human psychology works. In ANY
debate over ANYTHING, if the other guy says "don't tell me that you're so
idiotic that you believe that...", how do you react? If you're not REAL
sure of what you're saying, you may start to doubt yourself, even though he
didn't give ANY contradictory evidence; just an insult. (Hmmm, I wonder who
would do such a thing.) Even if you don't doubt yourself, if anyone else is
watching you'll probably get defensive, angry, etc.

Judge I.M. Powurhappi: "That argument is absurd, without merit, and utterly
baseless. So there. Nah nah-nah poo-poo, you dumby-face!" They keep
saying that, because (on most people watching) it WORKS. The question is,
does it work on YOU? There are two ways it can "work" on you: 1) it makes
you doubt what the EVIDENCE shows, or; 2) it makes you timid about telling
others about it.

Before you laugh too loud about the looney lies of the Iraqi "Minister of
Information," consider whether the equally untrue--albeit more difficult to
refute--propaganda from "your" government has an effect on YOU. Yes, some
government officials will knowingly and brazenly lie, in public. Their
power depends upon it. Doesn't it, Eileen O'Connor? Pam Olson? Jim South?
Barbara Felker? Eric Solomon? Dennis Parizek? And one day, when EVERYONE
knows that they are liars, they will do what the Iraqi "Minister of
Information" did: they just won't show up to work.

And that day, we should have a party. (Maybe we can tear down a big statue
of the Commissioner of the IRS.)


Larken Rose
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Being Blunt

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/11/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

First, a reminder that I will be on Peter McCandless' show again today
(Friday) from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. Here is the page for his web site: and here is the station's web site:

In other news...

Based on a lot of messages I've received, I've decided I need to be as blunt
as possible about a couple things.

On the one hand, I say the "income tax" deception is DOOMED (and it is). I
also point out that no one has been prosecuted (much less convicted) for
relying on the 861 evidence, despite my best efforts to have them prosecute
ME. On the other hand, I keep pointing out that the IRS (and the Tax
Division of the DOJ) doesn't CARE about the law, and will do whatever it
takes to extort you, whether you know the law or not.

To some, that sounds like a contradiction. It isn't. Again, I will use a
battlefield analogy, since they so often apply. If a sniper on the other
side trains his sites on you, pulls the trigger, and a bullet comes out of
his rifle (going really, really fast), what will you do? Well... die,
probably. Sorry. Even if the sniper is the only one left on the other
side, and you have 10 armored regiments ready to pound him into oblivion,
the bullet is still coming. His future defeat won't stop it.

I STILL get letters from people, telling me they just got a Notice Of
Deficiency from the IRS (or some other letter), and asking me what they
should do about it. (I wouldn't be surprised if some of these were from the
feds, testing to see if I will say something that can be construed as
"advice," to serve as an excuse to censor me. Hi, feds.) The good news is
that a letter from the IRS won't result in death. The bad news is that at
that point there is NOTHING that can be done by their rules that has a great
chance of stopping that "bullet." A whole lot of people are STILL thinking
that some procedure or letter is going to stop it. Chances are, IT WON'T.
"But under the law, they're not allowed to..." Yeah, no kidding. But they
do it anyway. So who will you complain to? The guy who they GIVE the money
to after they take it from you?* I'm sure he'll be very helpful to you.

(* I won't get into the Federal Reserve thing at the moment.)

I do NOT want people getting the impression that knowing the law is ANY
guaranteed defense against lawless thieves. It ISN'T, but people keep
asking me for a PROCEDURAL solution. There isn't one, any more than there
is a "procedural" solution when a carjacker has a gun pointed at your head.
(What's proper form to fill out for that, and what's the proper office to
send it to?)

Without fail, every time I say that I receive a collection of messages from
people saying "There IS a solution, that ALWAYS works, and you need to tell
people about it!" There is a wide variety of these "silver bullets" (UCC,
"claim of right," rescinding SSN's, filing private "judgements" against the
IRS, etc.) ALL of which are made of MUD. There is NOTHING ON EARTH that
will make the IRS bureaucrats suddenly say "well gosh, you know the magic
words, so we give up; have a nice day."

Too many people don't understand statistics. The IRS recently admitted that
they do not have the resources to go after more than 25% of the people who
don't file, but who the IRS (based on their misreading of the law) THINKS
should file. That means that no matter WHAT you do after you stop filing
(for any reason), there is a fair chance you'll never hear from them. That
neither proves that you're right, or that the "method" you used is worth
anything. Heck, you could put on your return "I'm not liable because I like
asparagus," and there is a good chance they'll leave you alone. What does
that prove? Nothing.

If you understand the 861 evidence, inside and out, and can explain and
argue it until the cows come home, that is NOT a guarantee that they won't
rob you. Those who keep HOPING for a "procedural" solution keep crashing
into the unpleasant reality: the IRS doesn't CARE what the law says, from
Chief Counsel down to the lowest paper-pusher. They do what they are told,
and they are told to GET YOUR MONEY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (legal or not).

I don't want it to sound like everyone loses, because they don't. I've been
lucky enough that they haven't gotten a dime from me, even though they know
what money we get, and from where. What's my secret? LUCK, mostly. It's a
little more involved than that, but I know several megalomaniac fruitcake
IRS agents who by now probably WOULD have robbed me--law be damned--if they
were on my case. If they go through their motions, and illegally ignore
whatever you have to say, however skillfully you explain it (as they often
DO), then what?

If you play the game on their terms, accepting the "rulings" of THEIR
referees, your chances of victory are not great. (And if you want justice,
petitioning the nearest car-jacker is a better idea than petitioning "Tax
Court.") That's why I keep trying to emphasize the point that we have to
STOP THINKING LIKE SUBJECTS, and start thinking like resistors. Yes, in
this case we're not even resisting the LAW, but we are still RESISTING.
Saying "please" doesn't stop criminals, and that isn't going to change.

There is ONE way to win the war here: getting a LOT of people to understand
and support the truth here. Before that happens, there is no guaranteed way
to be safe (except maybe to make no income or own nothing, neither of which
sounds very fun to me). I can't stress this enough: if we all cower in our
individual corners, staying on the defensive and hoping not to get noticed,
we will accomplish NOTHING. Don't tell me all the nasty things they are
doing to you, now that they decided to come after you. I already know what
they do, and there ISN'T A PROCEDURAL SOLUTION (not a reliable one, anyway).

If you aren't on the ATTACK against this fraud, then I have no suggestions
for you. I don't just mean resisting it in your own case; I mean doing
whatever you can to help OTHERS learn the truth, no matter how many goofy
looks or nasty responses you get. THAT is the road to victory, and the ONLY
road there. If you won't do that, then I wish you luck while others fight
for your freedom, but there isn't much I can do to help you.

Once again, I'll try to make BOTH points clear here, because I'm NOT saying
that we're all doomed. We're not, while the fraud IS. But while each of us
waits for final victory, or works on MAKING it happen (and I suggest the
latter), anyone selected by the enemy snipers is going to have problems.

I really do feel for all those who are yelling "help, help, they're after
me!" I don't want ANYONE to by victimized by this extortion racket. But at
this point, my response will always be: "Are you shooting at THEM
[figuratively], or are you hiding?" If you're not willing to go on the
offensive, why would you expect the enemy to ever back off? If you don't
dare to act until they are on YOUR doorstep, then why should anyone else do

Yes, we will win this war, without a doubt. But yes, there will be
casualties on our side in the meantime. That's what happens when you're
fighting the desperate elements of a doomed regime. (Hmmmm... sounds


Larken Rose
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Ordering a Turtle to Fly

(originally launched into cybcerspace on 04/09/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

I know that a few of you noticed my rather conspicuous LACK of any
commentary on the hunger strike by Rose Lear (supporting or criticizing it).
Now that her fast is over, I have a couple points to make, but I still want
to make them very carefully for fear of being misunderstood.

I have never met Rose Lear, or her husband, but I am moderately familiar
with their plights. I want it to be glaringly obvious here that any
critique I give is purely TACTICAL. In a world of mostly apathetic sheep,
Mrs. Lear was willing to take PERSONAL responsibility for trying to make
justice happen, and endure the risk and suffering HERSELF while trying to
make a positive difference. If 1% of this country had the convictions and
courage of Mrs. Lear, there wouldn't BE an IRS. So I don't want any
comments of mine to sound remotely close to a criticism of her motives,
sincerity, or courage. (I intentionally waited until Rose's hunger strike
ended--and I'm very glad it has--before making even tactical suggestions.)

As I often do, I'm looking at this from a "battlefield" point of view; in
other words, in cold, calculating terms. It is a noble thing for someone to
run out into heavy fire to save a wounded buddy. Almost everyone would
praise and applaud such an act of heroism (as they SHOULD). But the cold,
calculating, tactical guy might comment that the ultimate goal (winning that
battle) might have been better served if the guy DIDN'T do that.

I hope that is enough of a "disclaimer" that people don't misunderstand my
points below.

Rose Lear's message was basically "I'm not eating until you answer these
questions." (I would have suggested about 530 fewer questions, but that's
another issue.) The plea went out to her "representatives," only one of
which (Rep. Hoekstra) made any attempt at all to respond. (As far as the
other two are concerned, apparently their constituents are expendible.)

Some of you have asked if I have a response to what Mr. Hoekstra said in his
letter about 861. Yes, I do... but it's the same thing I said about it
BEFORE he copied it verbatim off the IRS web page about "frivolous"
arguments. (You didn't think Mr. Hoekstra would actually LOOK INTO the
issue for real, did you? Nope, he found a form letter, did a cut-and-paste,
and pretended he had served his constituent.) Here is my rebuttal of the
"response" he "borrowed" from the IRS web site (without mentioning that it
wasn't his own):

Mr. Hoekstra's irresponsible plagerism was to be expected. To be more
dramatic, let's pretend both of Rose's senator and her Congressman were held
at GUNPOINT, and told "you will answer these questions, or die!" What would
happen? They would die. Why? Because none of them knows JACK SQUAT about
tax law. They couldn't answer the questions to save their lives...
literally! (They also couldn't GET the answers from those who know them.)

When it comes to the truth about the tax laws, ALL government employees fit
into two categories: those who have no clue what the truth is (that's about
99.99% of them), and those who know the truth (about .01%). And no, I'm not
kidding about the percentages. What happens when you ask anyone in the
first category? They don't KNOW the answers. They either stammer like
fools, or send the questions somewhere else (to someone else who probably
doesn't know the answers). Eventually the inquiry will either vanish into
oblivion, or land on someone's desk who has a handy form letter (which
doesn't answer the questions) to send back.

DEMANDING that government officials answer the important questions about the
tax laws is as worthwhile as DEMANDING that a turtle fly... at least if
getting answers is your actual goal.

In case I haven't said this already, getting actual answers was NEVER the
purpose of Operation Honest Inquiry, the letters to Pam Olson and Jim South,
etc. So why ask them? To be able to show YOU, and 280,000,000 other
Americans, that the feds--top to bottom--CANNOT (or will not) answer
fundamental questions about their own stinking laws. The very few who COULD
answer the questions (a handful of lawyers) aren't going to do it.

So I didn't want to watch someone suffer, waiting for answers from someone
ABSOLUTELY INCAPABLE of giving them. Not only does Mr. Hoekstra know jack
squat about the true nature of the income tax, but he is also completely
incapable of getting the few who DO know the truth to TELL HIM (and that's
pretending he actually CARES what the truth is, which is unlikely).

Frankly, I would rather have seen Pam Olson stuck in cage, and told that SHE
doesn't get food until she answers the questions. Not only would the
criminals be the ones suffering then, but a whole lot of people (even Ms.
Olson) would have a rude awakening when they realized that even TOP
OFFICIALS could not get those answers, even if their lives depended on it.

Some of you may not believe me, because you don't yet know what the answers
ARE (and that's fine). Having dealt with "tax experts" and government
lawyers and bureaucrats for several years now, I know what they know, and
know what they can't answer. They CANNOT explain away what the law says, so
they yell "frivolous," threaten people with nasty stuff, and try not to look
as worried as they are.

Prosecutor: "Mr. Smith, these 500 witnesses swear they saw you standing over
the body of the victim, holding the knife that killed him, and yelling
'serves you right!'. Can you explain that?"

Defendant: "Um... uh... that's frivolous."

It may sound a bit harsh, but it's true: we are up against CRIMINALS here.
They CANNOT tell the truth, and they have no lie to explain the evidence.
The MOMENT anyone inside the system starts being reasonable, they will be
fired, vilified, retaliated against, etc. (Ask Joseph Banister about that,
if you don't believe me.)

This crime cannot be negotiated. Pleas and attempts at rational discussion
will NEVER result in the system granting justice. This fraud has to be
BROKEN, over the most vicious screamings and retaliations you can imagine
from those inside the system. A judge won't give you justice. A
congressman won't give you justice. The IRS won't give you justice. Only
YOU can make justice happen.

Most people don't want to hear that, because it means THEY have to go pick a
fight with a pretty intimidating organization. But WHEN (not if) a few
MILLION people are picking that fight, the fraud will be doomed, and all
those screaming "FRIVOLOUS" today will be saying: "IRS? No, I never worked
for the IRS! You must have me confused with someone else." I look forward
to it.


Larken Rose
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Radio Show

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/04/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

Just a quick note to let you know that today's radio show is already posted
on the internet here:

All ten shows I've done with Peter McCandless can be listened to there with
RealMedia player. There is even a link there for the free player download,
for those who don't already have it.


Larken Rose
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Friday's Radio Show

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/03/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

Once again, I'll be on Peter McCandless' radio show this Friday, from 4 to 5
p.m. Eastern time. Last time I forgot to mention the link for the radio
station, so here it is:

You'll need that if you want to listen online. (Again, don't ask me about
the technicalities of making that work, because I'm relatively clueless
about it.)

Also, Peter is making a pretty dang good offer for CDs of all ten shows
which I've been on--INCLUDING the next two shows--for $30. (That's only $3
per show.) That will be available here, some time after next Friday's show:


Larken Rose
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News Flash! I have not been indicted!

(originally launched into cyberspace on 04/03/2003)

Dear List Subscriber,

I just wanted you to know that today I was NOT indicted. I have NOT been
arrested. Is that note-worthy? Well no, not really. It's been true for
about the last 12,700 days (since I was born). But maybe I should point it
out every time the IRS does one of its intimidation tactic "press releases."
Two Florida cops were just indicted on federal tax charges, and the IRS is
getting their propaganda mileage out of it (as usual).

It's the classic bully tactic. "Look at this poor little kid I just beat
the tar out of... so you better do what I say!" Ooooh, aaaah. Ain't you
just bad to the bone? What the bully DOESN'T say is "Look at the TENS OF
THOUSANDS OF 'KIDS' TAUNTING ME, that I slink away from."

As far as I can tell, it is still true that no one has EVER been indicted
for relying on what the LAW says about what is taxable (i.e. the 861
evidence). I'm not even talking convictions, just indictments. Getting an
indictment is pretty dang easy; you don't have to prove guilt, just prove
that MAYBE a crime happened, so a trial should take place.

Eventually the feds might get so desperate that they'll have to at least
take their best shot at prosecuting someone who relies on the LAW (what a
strange concept), and if they do, I hope it's me. While the IRS isn't
exactly quick or efficient, they must be just a BIT embarassed about the
fact that they STILL haven't even gotten an indictment--much less a
conviction--on anyone relying on the 861 evidence. This is even though I've
been INVITING them to try it. For example...

"If you believe my conclusions of law are in error, and my actions illegal,
I hereby publicly and openly invite the Department of Justice to prosecute

That's out of a letter from me to John Ashcroft (Attorney General), sent
over two years ago. The full letter is here:

"I am among the most vocal about this issue, and it is widely known that I
did not file an income tax return for 1997 or any subsequent year (after I
learned what the law actually says). If you think I’m breaking the law,
come get me. If my position is “frivolous,” you can easily debunk it in
front of a jury and have me imprisoned. Take your best shot."

That's out of a letter from me to the head of the Tax Division of the DOJ,
sent in June of 2002. The full letter is here:

"To the DOJ and the IRS I say this: You know I am among the most vocal about
this issue. Stop terrorizing the American public, and come get me. Make an
“example” of me. Surely if my position is “frivolous” and completely devoid
of merit, then the DOJ attorneys can easily refute my position in front of a
jury, and have me convicted and imprisoned. (I’m not exactly hiding, am

That's from an ad that has run in several newspapers, and that someone was
kind enough to hand out about 900 copies of at IRS and DOJ headquarters in
Washington, DC. My challenge was also mentioned in the New York Times.
Here is the whole ad:


So here we are, more than two YEARS after I started publicly taunting them.
There hasn't been a peep or a whisper from the DOJ, from the Criminal
Investigation Division of the IRS, or from anyone else about it. Um... why
not? They obviously love to "make examples" of people, whether it be
celebrities (Willie Nelson, Leona Helmsley), "normal" folk like the two
Florida cops just indicted, or even well-known "tax protestors" (Irwin
Schiff, Lynne Meredith, etc.). So why not me? When's my turn? I guess
they just don't love me.

This isn't really about me, and their failure to prosecute is not because
I'm personally so special. It's because I know the law, and rely on it.
Many THOUSANDS of others are doing the same, and are not being prosecuted.
Why? Since the often-maligned "861" crowd has been the subject of numerous
newspaper articles, DOJ "press releases," and other propaganda efforts by
the feds, why don't they PROSECUTE someone already?!? Yeah, they got a few
injunctions, basically telling people to shut up, but no one is in PRISON
for it. Why not? If we're breaking the law, why are we still free?

Feel free to INVITE them to prosecute me. When they are desperate enough to
try to prosecute someone who knows the 861 evidence, I really do hope that
it's me (rather than someone who hasn't yet had time to really decipher the
whole maze). Several people with ".gov" addresses subscribe to this list.
Whether they are allies, or spies of the enemy, I don't really care. (I'm
not exactly secretive about my actions.) If there are any federal spies
watching, please send a note to your bosses, and TELL THOSE BASTARDS TO COME
GET ME!! Oh, and tell them to have a nice day.


Larken Rose
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