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My name is Larken Rose, and you are most likely here because you have either heard about my research into the federal income tax, or you have heard about my political (or anti-political) rantings and/or books. Because the two issues are really separate, distinct issues, they are dealt with separately. So choose which path below you want. (Or you can go to the store, which has the books and other stuff having to do with both topics.)


Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 6)

Once again, it's time to determine whether American "police" are
noble public servants or fascist pigs. The good news is, rendering
a verdict this time can easily be done after the first four seconds
(literally) of the example video (which is about eight minutes


Now, I don't think this needs much explanation. Beating up little
old ladies, in their own houses, in order to disarm them? Randomly
disarming everyone, right and left, pointing GUNS at them in the
process, when there wasn't even the suspicion that the people had
committed any crimes? Barging into homes and destroying property
without a shred of due process, without even the allegation that
the person had done anything wrong? Do I really need to point out
that any "officer" who would engage in such things is a fascist
pig? I hope not. Here's some more Nazi thuggery, in case you needed


But what's worth pointing out here is that this is NOT a case of a
"bad apple" here and there. This was widespread, premeditated,
officially-sanctioned fascism. When you have the damn chief of
police openly declaring that he and his fellow Nazi swine intended
to disarm EVERYONE (except themselves, of course), then don't tell
me that I shouldn't say that ALL American police are fascist pigs.

In that second clip, one fascist swine, Chris Montgomery, this time
from the "National Guard" (I wonder who's going to guard us from
the "guard"?) laments how tough it is to have the job of being a
fascist pig, disarming, maybe even SHOOTING Americans. Sorry, but I
don't sympathize. In fact, if the local fascists in YOUR town ever
declare that they are going to disarm everyone, and you see Chris
Montgomery and his fellow Nazis walking down your street, you would
be absolutely justified in shooting that fascist bastard in the
head at the first opportunity, and shooting every other jackboot
who is with him. When they've openly declared their
unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, tyrannical intentions, what
more justification could you possibly need?

Once again, let me state the obvious truth: if you have a RIGHT to
self-defense, and the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, then by
definition you DON'T NEED "government" permission to do so. And, in
fact, when authoritarian thugs tell you that you don't have the
right, you STILL DO, and you have the right to use whatever force
is necessary to protect your rights, including shooting jackboots.

I wonder how many fascist thugs in New Orleans did things that
would have justified their intended victims blowing their damn
heads off. Probably almost all of them (at least all of the ones
shown in those videos). On the other hand, I wonder how many cops
DIDN'T violate everyone's rights? Any? Were there ANY "law
enforcement" people in New Orleans who REFUSED to partake in the
officially-sanctioned Gestapo garbage? I haven't heard of any.

So don't complain when I say that ALL American police today are
fascist pigs. When I see some evidence to the contrary--like
someone with a badge, a spine, and a brain (if anyone in the
country still has all three) doing something to STOP the police
state absurdities going on all over then country, then I might
regain a speck of respect for "law enforcement." But not before.

Larken Rose