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My name is Larken Rose, and you are most likely here because you have either heard about my research into the federal income tax, or you have heard about my political (or anti-political) rantings and/or books. Because the two issues are really separate, distinct issues, they are dealt with separately. So choose which path below you want. (Or you can go to the store, which has the books and other stuff having to do with both topics.)


Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 2)

This is the second message in my ongoing series of messages
addressing the question: Are those in American "law enforcement"
today noble and brave public servants, or fascist pigs? Just to
review, we are not asking whether cops are hot-tempered, stupid, or
even sadistic. We're not trying to figure out if they're good
people, or if they exercise bad judgment. The question is whether
they have the fascist mindset. Once again, here are the choices:

A NON-fascist cop, when he looks out at the world, would see lots
of good people, whom he would want to protect, and would never want
to harm, intimidate, or even inconvenience unnecessarily. His goal
would be to find the nasty people in the world, and see to it that
they are prevented from harming any of the decent people.

A FASCIST cop, on the other hand, would view everyone as his
inferior, to be controlled, interrogated, or even abused at will.
He sees himself, a representative of "authority," as having the
right to forcibly impose his will on anyone he wants, whenever he
wants, for any reason (or no reason) and the right to use outright
violence against any who do not obey his every whim.

The incident we will examine in this message, unlike the last one,
does not involve open violence and physical abuse. However, it is
just as good a test of the attitude of the American "police." The
following video clip will explain the circumstances, but in short,
a guy who works for the Campaign for Liberty was stopped,
interrogated, and arrested* at the airport, for having a bunch of
money with him (about $4,700). (* Whether or not the cops actually
said he was "arrested," you know darn well what would have happened
had he tried to leave. Ergo, he was being forcibly detained against
his will, a.k.a., arrested, even though no crime was ever charged
or alleged.)


In reality, the guy's real sins were two-fold: he didn't volunteer
to subject himself to an unwarranted interrogation by the
federales, and he had a bunch of stuff with him (e.g., Ron Paul
bumper-stickers) indicating that he likes freedom, and dislikes big
government. (Oh, the horror.) So in reality, it's pretty likely
that the money was the EXCUSE for detaining and harassing the guy,
but not the real cause.

But again, what we're looking for here is not about the particular
scenario, but about the ATTITUDE of those in "law enforcement." Do
they respect individual rights, or do they think they can do
whatever they darn well please, and that everyone else should
unquestioningly obey? So let's consider a few points:

1) Would anyone who is NOT a fascist pig think it's okay to detain
someone for simply being in possession of a bunch of money? No. Any
non-fascist cop would know that such behavior is both legal and,
more importantly, NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. Not the American "police."
EVERYTHING is their business, in their eyes, whether it's illegal
or not.

(It's true, it was pretty much money, around $4,700, but that is
neither illegal nor all that unusual. I suspect that at one time or
another, even if not very often, most of us have had a few thousand
in cash and/or checks on us, if we're going to buy a car, or make a
big down-payment or something.)

2) Would anyone who is NOT a fascist pig think it's okay to try to
bully someone into answering something that he has NO obligation to
answer, and that the police had no right to ask in the first place?
Keep in mind, if the guy was a drug-runner, or a professional hit-
man, the Fifth Amendment says that he would NOT have any obligation
to say where he got the money, and that the cops should NOT in any
way try to compel him to answer. So do we have FEWER rights when
we're NOT breaking any law? In the eyes of the American Gestapo,
apparently so.

3) Would anyone who is NOT a fascist pig tell someone that "if you
have nothing to hide" you'd automatically happily answer any
unjustified questions any jackboot with a badge decides to ask you,
even if there isn't any reason to suspect you've done anything
criminal? Nope. Once again, it's classical Nazi-think: that not
wanting to let them violate your rights constitutes PROOF that you
must be a bad guy and guilty of something nasty.

4) And again, an important point to always include: Would anyone
who is NOT a fascist pig quietly stand by while his fellow
"officers" treated someone like this? No. How hard would it be for
one noble "public servant" to say, "Hey guys, it's not illegal to
have cash, and even if he really is a criminal--which we have no
reason to suspect--he still doesn't have to answer our questions"?
So how often does that actually happen? Ever?

This time, the example of fascism had a relatively happy ending.
Eventually, after illegally and immorally stopping the guy,
illegally and immorally detaining him, and illegally and immorally
trying to interrogate him (not to mention insulting and harassing
him), the cops let him continue on his way. And how many people do
you think would have had the fortitude and wisdom to NOT meekly go
along with their fascist bullpoop? (And how great was it that the
guy happened to have the presence of mind to secretly record the

As I've said before, those pretending to be "authority" act like
all-powerful gods because their victims TREAT them like all-
powerful gods. If we all act like wimpy peasants, groveling before
anyone pretending to be "authority," what do you expect the
fascists to think of us? How would you expect them to treat us? If
being an American ever meant anything, it should be this: We don't
take $#@$%# from government. In other words, it is UNAMERICAN to
"cooperate" with government wrongdoing.

And though this second scenario, thankfully, did not end in bloody
violence, the verdict is the same as it was in the first: all
indications are that those in American "law enforcement" today are
fascist pigs who deserve our utmost contempt.

Larken Rose