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My name is Larken Rose, and you are most likely here because you have either heard about my research into the federal income tax, or you have heard about my political (or anti-political) rantings and/or books. Because the two issues are really separate, distinct issues, they are dealt with separately. So choose which path below you want. (Or you can go to the store, which has the books and other stuff having to do with both topics.)


The Tiny Dot Explained

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Dear Subscriber,

I just posted another video on YouTube, this one titled "The Tiny
Dot Explained"--a follow-up up to the video, "The Tiny Dot." Here
it is:

As it happens, the video makes a point very relevant to the debate
tonight between myself and Michael Benoit, who is running for
Congress as a Libertarian. (Again, the debate starts at 8:00 p.m.
Eastern, and can be heard at All "political
action" constitutes tinkering with the "dot," but the dot is NOT
the problem, and cannot be the solution.


Larken Rose