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Outlaw Update

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Dear Subscriber,

Three days ago, I sent out a message about what we hoped the new
"Josie the Outlaw" web site and videos would accomplish, and what
we hoped the response would be. Well, after 72 hours, it's time for
a little update on the response so far. In short, in video views,
in "likes," in getting subscribers, in people sharing it, in
getting the message to people who are not already in the "choir,"
the "Josie the Outlaw" project is already soundly thrashing
anything I've ever done before. Here are some of the details:

Again, the new web site, where you can watch all the videos, is

(For those who want to see this project continue, the bottom of the
web site shows how people can contribute via Bitcoin, PayPal, or
credit/debit card.)


Larken Rose
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