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"It Can't Happen Here!"

1) Though the DVD version has been delayed a bit, I think it's very
close to completion--in normal format and high-resolution. All pre-
orders will be filled as soon as I have the disks.

2) Alex Jones has now created a web page for the entries for the
Paul Revere video contest. ("It Can't Happen Here!" was my entry in
that contest.) After the page was first posted, a few people asked
why my video was nowhere to be found. It was just because they had
a lot of videos to put up there. It's there now, and here is the
page, if you want to view it, rate it, whatever:

Again, Alex is the only judge of the contest, so there's no vote
for that, for those who wondered.

3) Again, the disk version is an improved version of what you see
there, with a couple typos fixed, but more importantly, with more
time provided for reading the on-screen quotes. But because it was
a contest, I couldn't post the improved version there. If you want
to watch it online in high resolution, it's also on Vimeo.

4) Even though "It Can't Happen Here!" never really gets to the
underlying philosophical issue of voluntaryism, I think it can
still serve as a major wake-up call for a lot of Americans, and so
far, I've gotten a lot of very positive response.

Larken Rose
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