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Thanks a Zillion!

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Dear Subscriber,

To all those who helps out out in our time of need, thanks a
zillion! We are now out of "imminently doomed" mode, and back into
the usual "possibly eventually doomed mode," which is a drastic

Just so you know that I'm not just lollygagging around while people
support us, I'll mention a few things in the works. A lot of my
videos are just my ugly mug on a camera, yammering about something.
But occasionally I make one a little better produced, because it's
about an important enough topic.

I'm in the middle of making one called "Unthinkable Evil," about
sociopaths, how they gravitate towards positions of power, and how
they have a huge advantage because most decent people literally
can't comprehend the idea that some people--including people in
power--have NO empathy for their fellow man, and would inflict all
manner of suffering and deaths on innocents, without the slightest
twinge of guilt or shame, if it happens to serve their own agenda
to do so.

Another one in the works is "What Anarchy Isn't"--a short video
covering a few of the most common, and most misguided, complaints
about the idea of a stateless society. Tessa, will be the
"spokesanarchist" for that one.

There are a couple others in the works, including a few interviews
with other people--something I haven't done before. It will be some
interesting stuff.

Anyway, thanks again to all those people who once again dragged us
from the fire, to rest relatively comfortably in the familiar
frying pan again. It's much appreciated!

Larken Rose
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