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Well, this is frustrating, embarrassing and humiliating, and I've
managed to avoid having to do it for over a year, but ... help!

Though we've been pretty dang poor for years now, recently things
are starting to look up. But now a bunch of things are hitting us
all at once--trying to keep the house warm when it's 20 at night,
trying to keep the electricity on, the car we use is in sad shape,
my teeth are falling out (literally), we're trying to pay off
Elyssa's braces, dealing with a pile of other bills, and so on. So
I'm flushing my pride down the toilet, and pitifully begging to the
people on this list, to see if there are a few people feeling a bit
richer than we are, able and willing to give alms to some poor,
starving anarchists. (Well, not actually starving, obviously.)
Maybe I need a pledge drive: "Your dollar a day could feed this
poor family of anarchists..."

Anyway, no need to get carried away or anything, and if you're
feeling the pain of this "recovery" too, take care of yourself.
But if you have some spare money that you're just dying to get rid
of (like that's ever true), for my family's sake I'll grovel
pathetically for a scrap or two. (Maybe I should have been an
international banker.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My "snail mail" is shown below, and my PayPal account is just under
the address, "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.". I'm also finally just
starting to get up to speed about Bitcoin. I think it's a really
cool idea; I've just been too disorganized and busy to really
figure it all out. Anyway, I can accept Bitcoin donations sent here:


Thanks so much for whatever you can give. With any luck, I won't
need to beg again, not only because it will spare you the
annoyance, but because I really freaking hate having to!

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006