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TMDS is Back!

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Dear Subscriber,

After various delays and complications, the second edition of "The
Most Dangerous Superstition" is now available, and orders are being
filled right now. If you ordered the book in the last few weeks, it
will be shipped very soon, probably today. If you were holding off
on ordering until the new books arrived, they did. It's once again
for sale on and (At the moment,
I still do bulk orders on an individual basis: tell me how many
copies you're looking for, and I'll make up a price.)

For those who asked, the "second edition" of the book has maybe
three new paragraphs, and maybe a dozen sentences reworded for
clarity, but that's about it--same cover, same layout, same
content, etc. So it only just barely deserves the label "second
edition," and you're not missing out on much if you already have
the first edition.

Just for fun, now that several thousand copies of TMDS are in
circulation, I will finally publicly ask: has anyone noticed the
hidden something in the cover design? I wanted to see if anyone
would notice it without me mentioning it, but so far no one has.
(Even when I say there's something there, most people still can't
find it.)


Larken Rose
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