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COLORADO: Escaping the Myth (Oct. 6th) !


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. Colorado: "Escaping the Myth" (Oct. 6th)

Well, it took a while, but we finally have a date and place for an
"Escaping the Myth" event in Colorado. I know this is pretty late
notice, but we only just got the details figured out. For anyone
anywhere near there, I have no idea when I'll get to Colorado
again, so this may be your one and only chance to attend this
event. It will happen on Saturday, October 6, in Westminster,
Colorado (between Boulder and Denver). This time it will all happen
in one day, but it's an all-day event: starting at 9:00 a.m. and
ending around 9:00 p.m. It consists of five sessions, with big
breaks in between.

Again, it's hard to fully explain exactly what the event covers,
and what attendees will learn. (If I could do that in a couple
sentences, the event wouldn't take a whole day.) But I will say
this: I have never seen anyone (including me) do anything that
comes close to this event in terms of getting "normal" people--
people still stuck in the mainstream "political" paradigm
(Democrat, Republican, whatever)--to recognize and give up the
irrational and dangerous contradictions that underly the
"political" beliefs of almost everyone.

Obviously, the concepts of self-ownership, the non-aggresison
principle, and voluntaryism are not new. But, as many of us have
seen first hand, trying to introduce "normal" people to such
concepts--ideas that don't match their preconceived assumptions and
paradigms--tends to make people unreceptive, defensive, even
hostile. What should be a rational, intellectual discussion often
quickly deteriorates into an emotional argument. This is something
that those who advocate true liberty often run up against. As a
result, they often give up, and proclaim, "This guy just won't
listen, refuses to questions his assumptions, and will never change
his mind!"

That guy (or girl) is exactly who "Escaping the Myth" is for. The
event was carefully designed to completely avoid and bypass
confrontation and argument, to show that what every "normal" person
really wants is actually at odds with his OWN "political" beliefs.
In other words, though this is over-simplifying a bit, whereas most
freedom advocates send a message along the lines of "What you are
advocating goes against what I believe in," "Escaping the Myth"
sends the message--and thoroughly proves it--"What you are
advocating goes against what YOU believe in." In other words,
instead of a clash between opinions, the event politely and non-
confrontationally shows people how and why all mainstream
"politics" has inherent contradictions, and how it always ends up
going against the moral codes and values of those involved, no
matter how zealous and righteous they may feel in their political

Again, any description I attempt to give of the event will hugely
understate its importance and effectiveness. One reason I'm making
it only $60--which, for an all-day event is ridiculously
inexpensive--is so people can't use the expense as an excuse not to
go. In fact, if at the end an attendee says the event didn't change
how he sees the world, he gets his money back--no questions, no

It has taken me about sixteen years of talking to people about
these things--with many success stories, if I may say so--to
understand not only the principles involved, but what it is about
human psychology that often gets in the way of people understanding
and embracing what should be an obviously beneficial concept:
universal freedom and peaceful coexistence. Of course, I can't make
all your friends and family go to the event. But if you do that
part, I bet I can do something you didn't think was possible.
Again, while I think even the proverbial "choir" would get a lot
out of this, I really, really, really, really want people to make
an effort to bring along one or two "normal" people, because that
is who this event is really for, and those are the people it can do
the most good for.

Tickets should be available on the web site soon, but right now I'm
just telling THIS LIST about it first. If you want to order tickets
now, they're $60 each. Payment can be sent via PayPal to
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or by cash, check, or money order, to the
address below. Now, because of the interactive nature of the event,
there may only be FORTY seats available at the event (hopefully
50), so don't dawdle. Again, I doubt this is going to happen again
in the Colorado area any time soon--if ever.


Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006