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Mayhem! (CO, FL, GA & AL)

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Dear Subscriber,

Sorry, didn't mean to alarm you with the title. My life has been
mayhem, and I'm only just now starting to get a slight grip on
reality again... well, I'm not sure about the "again" part. I had
to push back my plans for doing "Escaping the Myth" in Florida, and
in the Georgia/Alabama area. Trying to do them next month was a
little too optimistic. Anyway, now that the reprintings of my books
have been figured out, I can declare a more realistic plan. So
here's what I'm hoping to do, and I hope to get some response from
you folks.

1) I hope to be putting on a ONE-day version of "Escaping the Myth"
in Boulder or Denver, Colorado, on Saturday, October 6th. It's only
weird luck that I'll be in Colorado at all, and I have no idea when
I'd be back that way again. So the question is, if I do an
"Escaping the Myth" in the area on October 6th, with a flat price
of $60 for the whole-day event, who will come? You don't have to
commit now, but I'm hoping to get some idea of whether it will be
worth it to try it. (Below is a summary of what "Escaping the Myth"
is all about, if you don't already know.)

2) I WILL be speaking at Libertopia this year, which happens in San
Diego from October 11 to the 14th. I don't actually know what day
I'm speaking, but I will be there. See for more info.

3) Assuming I make it back alive from Libertopia, I want to do TWO
"Escaping the Myth" events, probably on October 27th and November
3, one around the middle of Florida, and one halfway between
Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. But again, I need to see what level
of interest there would be.

For those who haven't heard, "Escaping the Myth" is a five-session,
interactive event (like a seminar, but less boring), specifically
designed for people who do NOT already obsess about philosophy,
politics, etc. It's the most relaxed, non-confrontation, non-
stressful thing I've ever seen anyone do (including me, before now)
to help "normal" people re-examines their assumptions,
superstitions and paradigms.

I confess that so far I've done a crumby job of giving details of
the results of the first one (which happened up in Michigan), which
I think went great. When I asked the people who went to it, NONE of
them felt at all uncomfortable, or attacked, or defensive at the
event, which, if you ask me, is quite an accomplishment,
considering the fact that the entire purpose is to demolish
paradigms, assumptions and superstitions. If you're thinking,
"Nothing will ever get my friend, [fill-in-name], to think about
these things without freaking out," then [fill-in-name] is EXACTLY
who "Escaping the Myth" was made for. Of course, people who HAVE
thought about such things will get a lot out of it, too. And if you
come along AND bring your friend, [fill-in-name], I think you'll be
quite pleased with the results. Anyway, I can rant more about the
event later, but for now I just want to start to get an idea of how
many people to expect at the Colorado, Florida, and Georgia/Alabama
events. So let me know.


Larken Rose
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