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TMDS, Second Edition

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Dear Subscriber,

After a few finishing touches, the SECOND EDITION of "The Most
Dangerous Superstition" will be printed. And it will be just in
time, since I'm down to my last few copies of the first edition.
Now the challenge is paying for the next printing (gack). Life has
been so "hand to mouth" for months that I have a grand total of
ZERO saved for the next printing of the book. What makes that even
more annoying is that the price per book drops dramatically when
printing a bigger batch. The more books get printed at once, the
less each book costs. What makes that sad is that that means, the
less money you can spend, the more the books cost (per book). Gack!

Orders have been picking up a lot recently, which is encouraging,
but that doesn't help much if I don't have books to sell. I also
don't want to have another debt, to anyone. And I don't expect one
person to come up with the thousands necessary to do a decent sized
printing. So this is a preliminary message, to see who might be
interested in the following deal:

1) You buy a number of cases of books--whether it's one case or 100
cases--at the printing price.
2) I buy them back from you, a case at a time, at a price 33%
higher than the printing price.

So, for example, if it costs $3 a book to print them, I buy them
from you at $4 a book. (Since there are 72 books in a case, that
would mean you buy a case for $216, and I buy it from you for $288,
so you make $72 profit on a case.) Now, I can't exactly guarantee
an exact buy-back timeline, but the first 3,000 copies are about
gone after about a year and a half, and the rate of orders has been
considerably higher recently than it was last year. So I would
expect you'd be making 33% in less than a year, which I think is a
pretty good deal. (Some people would make it a lot faster, if I buy
their cases back first; at the current rate, someone will be making
33% profit in a couple weeks.)

Again, the more people who do this, the more books I can have
printed this time. And the more I have printed, the lower the cost
per book. Don't send any money yet, but if you might want in on the
deal, let me know, and give me a guess of how much you're looking
to invest (somewhere between $200 and $20,000), and I'll give you a
specific offer. Again, this has to happen pretty dang soon--like,
within a few days--because I'm almost out of books.


Larken Rose
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