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"Escaping the Myth" (New Hampshire)

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Dear Subscriber,

Last weekend was the very first "Escaping the Myth" event. I think
it went very well, and I think everyone there had fun. Shortly I'll
be telling you more, based on what those who attended have to say
about it. (Who cares if the presenter had fun?)

But right now it's time to plan the SECOND edition. The biggest
change will be that this time around, we will do the whole thing in
ONE day, instead of two--starting earlier (probably 9:00 a.m.) and
ending later (probably 9:00 p.m.). That should make a few things
easier and cheaper.

To get to the point, I need to quickly get some idea of how many
people would be there. If I do the event at Roger's Campground,
where Porcfest happens every year (just outside Lancaster, NH), and
it was on a Saturday or Sunday near the end of August, who would be
there? You can camp, rent a cabin, stay at the motel--all of which
are within a couple hundred YARDS of the conference room in the
main building where "Escaping the Myth" would take place.

For the second version, in part because now it will all happen on
one day, I'm dropping the price to $60 for one ticket, and $50 for
each addition ticket you buy. Again, I hope the people already
familiar with what I do will find a way to bring along some others
who aren't--I especially want people who are NOT already obsessed
with political philosophy.

I don't yet have the place reserved, because I want to make sure a
decent number of people would attend, before I finalize the plan.
So right now, all I'm asking is for your best guess of whether
you'd be there, and how many people you think you could bring along.


Larken Rose
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