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New Hampshire (Escaping the Myth)

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Dear Subscriber,

This is a quick survey to see where people would rather me do an
"Escaping the Myth" event up in New Hampshire. If I did one near
the end of August, and let's say it would be $70 a ticket for the
two-day event, who would show up? I guess the question, for now, is
which of the following three locations might you come to, and how
many people (especially "normal" people) might you bring along?

1) Keene (southern NH)
2) Franklin (middle of NH)
3) Lancaster (north NH, where Porcfest happens)

First of all, the response will tell me whether to even try one in
New Hampshire at all. But if I do, it will also tell me where in
New Hampshire I should do it. Keene obviously has a huge pro-
freedom movement already, so I start biased in favor of Keene, but
I'll wait to see what people say before deciding.


Larken Rose
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