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Selling an Unknown

I confess, I'm frustrated. If you value anything I do, please read
this message.

Imagine if you were a salesman, and you had a product that you knew
would be really beneficial (to a life-changing degree, in fact) to
anyone who bought it, but you couldn't tell people what it was
before they paid for it. Wouldn't that be annoying?

Last time I checked, "The Most Dangerous Superstition" had sixteen
reviews on, and all sixteen gave it five stars out of
five. Two recurring themes among the comments have been: 1) pro-
freedom folk saying they didn't expect to learn anything new from
the book, but were pleasantly surprised, and; 2) people saying
that, having read it, they think it's one of the most important
books there is. Believe it or not, my purpose here isn't bragging,
and the point of this message isn't even about my book. It's about
the challenge of making something worthwhile, but having no way to
show people how much it would be worth to them until AFTER they buy
it--a salesman's worst nightmare (and I'm not even a good salesman
to begin with).

Well, that challenge is even more obvious with the "Escaping the
Myth" event I'm doing--the first one up in Michigan later this
month, and then hopefully similar events in New Hampshire,
Pennsylvania and Florida within the next two months. As much as a
lot of people have raved about "The Most Dangerous Superstition," I
think this event will blow it out of the water, when it comes to
changing people's paradigms effectively, quickly, and relatively
painlessly. Basically, I think it will do what 99% of freedom
advocates have decided can't be done: getting through to "normal"
people without making them plug their ears, run away, or have

However, the event is a lot harder to sell than the book, because:
1) no one has gone through it before, so there is no "word of
mouth" about it yet; 2) it takes a bigger investment of time and
money than buying and reading a relatively short book; 3) it's even
harder to convey what the event does, and what people will get out
of it, than saying "just read this book."

The first "Escaping the Myth" event is two and a half weeks away,
and so far there are only about a dozen people who have paid or
firmly committed to be there. Now, as many of you know, I don't
mind talking to even just one person, but because of the
interactive nature of this event, having less than twenty people
participating might make it less effective. (I'd still do it
anyway.) What's frustrating is that I know that there are literally
millions of people who, if they attended the event, would be very
glad they did, but I have no way to prove that to anyone ahead of
time, especially because no one has done it before.

Anyway, the best I can do is tell people that if they attend, and
the event doesn't change their view of reality, I will give them
their money back. (Those on my list may recall that I did that with
TMDS when it came out, with overwhelmingly positive results.) But
who I really want at the event are all the "normal" people (not us
weird folk who obsess about philosophy) who think that their view
of reality is already just fine, and their assumptions, beliefs and
actions are perfectly good and proper. In other words, the people I
MOST want to be there are the LEAST likely to think they need what
the event can give them.

So this is my final plea to this e-mail list before the first
"Escaping the Myth" happens, to do whatever you can to nudge a
"normal" person or two into being at the Michigan event. If they
learn nothing, they pay nothing. And, of course, it's even better
if you can come too, and keep your "normal" friend or family member
company. If you're a paid subscriber to the "Iron Web" thing, you
actually get in free if you get someone else to sign up. But now
I'll also add this: if you're on my e-mail list, and you get
someone else to sign up, you can get in yourself for $40. (This
deal applies only to the event in Troy, Michigan, on July 21 and

So, that about wraps up this pathetic beg-a-thon. I am confident
that those who attend "Escaping the Myth" will be very glad they
did. And the other six or seven billion people won't know what they
missed. For more info, or to purchase tickets, go to I also made a short YouTube thing about it, if
you want to forward it to any Michigan-area folks you know:


Larken Rose
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