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Supreme Court of Retroactive Tyranny Justification

Dear Subscriber,

A few people asked me for my take on the recent ruling upholding
Obama's Commie-Care. So here it is:

(Incidentally, I JUST posted it, so if the link doesn't work, try
it a little later. It sometimes takes a while to appear across the
whole network.)

One thing I thought of after posting the video was this:

Since it's a basic principle of "law" that an unconstitutional law
is no law at all, and shouldn't be obeyed or enforced...

AND since four of the Supreme Court justices said the Act was

Why didn't they ALSO say, "so everyone should DISOBEY it"? For all
their self-righteous pontificating in the dissenting opinion (which
I agreed with), why end up by kissing butt and letting the
admittedly unconstitutional "law" stand? If it's unconstitutional
(as it obviously is), why not tell people to DISOBEY it? Come on,
Alito, Scalia, Thomas, where are your freaking spines?

Larken Rose
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