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Wanted: Michigan Trouble-Makers!

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Dear Subscriber,

I confess, things like Twitter and Facebook left me in the dust. So
I could either slowly do a bad job of it, or ask YOU guys to do
something for me. Again, I'll be doing the first edition of
"Escaping the Myth" up in Troy, Michigan on July 21st and 22nd. I'm
sure there are lots of groups and lists of people in that area who
would like to hear about it; I'm just too technologically out-of-it
to know how to find them or get the message to them. So, if there
are any Michigan trouble-makers out there who want to take pity on
a "Facebook-challenged" doofus like myself, and forward the
following short announcement around, anywhere it might land in
front of freedom-loving Michiganders, it would be greatly


Larken Rose
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Do you love freedom? Almost everyone says he does. So why don't we
have it? The truth is that very few people, even among self-
described "liberty activists," fully understand what freedom is, or
why it is so difficult to achieve.

A significant change to human society requires a significant change
in how people think. For the last two centuries in the United
States, honest, courageous, well-intention advocates of liberty
have continually and zealously pontificated, protested,
demonstrated, petitioned, campaigned and voted, in an attempt to
achieve a truly free society. All the while, government power has
grown, and liberty has shrunk. Will two hundred more years of the
same approach result in freedom? No.

So, is there any hope for a free society? Yes. But it will require
a fundamental paradigm shift, even among those who already consider
themselves to be ardent advocates of liberty. This is because, as
things are now, almost everyone--conservative, moderate, liberal,
socialist, libertarian, or "political agnostic"--is unwittingly
helping injustice and hindering freedom, not because of any lack of
virtue or intelligence, but because of a fundamental
misunderstanding about the nature of reality (as strange as that
may sound). Of course, no one thinks that his own view of reality
is skewed. But if everyone focuses on finding fault with the
beliefs and assumptions of others, and no one dares to re-examine
his own beliefs and assumptions, nothing will improve.

Whether you're politically active or apathetic, and whatever you
now believe about science, history, religion, politics, philosophy,
or anything else, "Escaping the Myth" will dramatically change the
way you see the world. If you want to fully understand why tyranny
has so often defeated freedom throughout history--and how that can
and will finally change, without any election or revolution--then
be at this first-of-its-kind event. You will never see the world
the same way again.

"Escaping the Myth"
July 21 & 22
Somerset Inn -- Troy Michigan
presented by Larken Rose
(author of "The Iron Web" and "The Most Dangerous Superstition")

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit: