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Off to Porcfest

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Dear Subscriber,

Tomorrow I hit the road and drive up to New Hampshire for the
Porcupine Freedom Festival, a.k.a. "Porcfest." With any luck, both
of the talks I'll be giving--and probably most of the other things
happening up there--will end up on YouTube, for all those who can't
make it there in person.

Whenever some statist whines, "Show me one place where anarchy has
worked," I think, "Roger's Campground, in Lancaster, NH, for one
week every year." Now, some might retort, "Yeah, but that's with a
bunch of people who already respect individual rights." Exactly!
That's why the cult of statism has to fall, and be replaced with
the universal understanding of self-ownership: so the whole world
can consist of people who respect individual rights.

And for anyone who hasn't been there, if you're imagining that
Porcfest is a gathering of people who all believe the same things
and have the same values, you're WAY off. I can't think of any
group I've ever seen with a wider diversity of moral codes, income
levels, education levels, religious (or anti-religious) beliefs,
lifestyles, etc. The one thing they all have in common is a love of
freedom. As a result, the drastically varied group gets along just
fine--no "authority," and no crime (well, no real crime--the kind
with victims).

So tomorrow I'm heading up there, without enough money to pay for
lodging for the week, or to pay for gas to get back. Uncertainty!
Surrounded by strangers, many of them armed! No guarantees! No
safety net! No "law enforcement" around! All manner of rebels and
anarchists roaming around!

And there is hardly anywhere else I'd rather be, and hardly
anywhere else where I'd feel safer. Anarchy rules.


Larken Rose
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