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Betraying Your Own Values

In response to my e-mail yesterday about the upcoming "Escaping the
Myth" event (in Troy, Michigan), I received an interesting e-mail
from someone who didn't think he'd be interested because he
expected the event to be "anti-God." I think it's worth sending a
word about that to this list.

As it happens, "Escaping the Myth" starts with me explaining that
the purpose of the event is NOT to try to change people's values,
ideals, priorities, moral codes, religious beliefs, etc. The event
is not about me trying to bludgeon people with my values and
morals, until they abandon their own in favor of mine (as if that
would ever work anyway). Instead, a main theme of the event is that
almost everyone betrays and forsakes his OWN values, as a result of
a fundamental misunderstanding about reality. Almost everyone--
Christian, atheist, Jew, Muslim, whatever--acts directly against
what he says he believes in, and does so on a regular basis. Almost
everyone says he is on the side of truth and justice, almost
everyone says he wants peace and freedom, and then almost everyone
inadvertently does things which constantly undermine those ideals.

The average person would insist that he already does (for the most
part) live in accordance with his stated beliefs, but almost no one
actually does. Let me be blunt: if you're a conservative, liberal,
republican, democrat, socialist, constitutionalist, moderate,
progressive, or of almost any other political position, you are
routinely betraying the most fundamental principles that you say
you believe in, to the detriment of yourself, your neighbors, and
mankind as a whole. Don't believe me? Most people don't, not at
first anyway. If you were accidentally hurting innocent people,
wouldn't you want to know?

The problem with the world is not that everyone is genuinely evil;
it's that literally billions of basically good people unwittingly
cause evil to occur, and on a massive scale, as the result of
certain superstitions and assumptions. Of course, no one thinks
that HE is condoning or assisting injustice. I didn't, for the many
years when I was doing so. If you don't think that you are actually
helping to destroy the values and ideals you believe in, you should
definitely be at "Escaping the Myth."

Ask the average person if he is one of the good guys, ask him if he
wants truth and justice to prevail, wants the innocent protected
and the bad guys stopped, and he will say "yes." Well, if pretty
much everyone answers "yes" to that, why are there still so many
problems in society? If only the perceptions and actions of the
average person matched his stated desires and intentions, then this
planet would almost be a utopia. And that's what "Escaping the
Myth" is all about: uncovering the inherent contradictions which
reside inside the heads of almost everyone, and removing those
contradictions, so that people stop accidentally supporting the
exact opposite of what they say they believe in: truth, justice,
peace and freedom.

For more information, or to get tickets, go here:

Larken Rose
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