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Two Paradigm-Smashing Events

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Dear Subscriber,

1) It's only a couple weeks until this year's Porcupine Freedom
Festival (a.k.a. "Porcfest"). I'm scheduled to do two talks, a talk
titled "Monitor This, Fascists!" and a very unusual "sermon" on the
last day. I'll also be around for most of the week, selling books
and chatting with radicals. And I suppose some other stuff will be
happening there, too. (That was a joke.) If you've never been to
Porcfest before, it's a very unusual, relaxed and friendly
atmosphere for learning stuff, doing stuff, or just hanging out
with people who have no desire to enslave you--which all by itself
is very unusual. For more info, or to get reservations, go here:

2) It looks like my seminar in Troy, Michigan will be happening the
weekend of July 21st and 22nd. Mark your schedule, for this first-
of-its-kind event. Basic admission for the weekend will probably be
$95, but I want to give a decent discount for any voluntarists who
manage to drag along a statist. As I've said before, I really hope
to get a lot of people there who HAVEN'T already thought much about
political philosophy stuff. The thing is designed to take people
from basic statist indoctrination status, to fully comprehending
and endorsing self-ownership and peaceful coexistence (a voluntary
society), in two days flat, and to do that WITHOUT making them feel
attacked, uncomfortable or defensive. Sound unlikely? Bring along a
statist, and see for yourself. I'll have more details soon, but at
least the date (July 21 and 22) and the city (Troy, Michigan) are


Larken Rose
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