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Outside the Cage, in Troy, MI

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. Outside the Cage, in Troy, Michigan

This July, I will debut a very unusual two-day (Saturday and
Sunday) presentation/seminar/event thing, the first one in Troy,
Michigan. It will be more than just lectures, and it is
specifically designed for a wide audience, so that it doesn't
matter how much a person knows (or cares) about politics. I expect
it to be fun, entertaining, and non-confrontational, no matter what
beliefs people may have going in.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to explain what all it's about, or why
someone should want to do it. I'm sort of stuck having to tell
people, "I can't really tell you what you'll get out of it
beforehand, but if you do it, you'll be glad you did." While I
think even long-time subscribers to my e-mail list would get a lot
out of it, I'm really hoping to get people who still hold more
"mainstream" political viewpoints (left or right). But that makes
it even more difficult. At least the people who already like my
books, videos, or articles, can have some expectation of getting
something out of it, but mostly I want people there who don't know
any of that, and haven't even really thought about such things

That's where I need your help. Those of us who escaped our own
statist indoctrinations know how difficult it is to try to get
others to take the "red pill." Well, consider this seminar a tasty,
chewable version of the red pill--though just as potent. Again, I
can't say a whole lot about the event, except that I'm putting in
tons of time and effort in the preparation, to make it "way

Remember, almost all of us were trained to accept bogus "political"
mythology. So, as frustrating as it may be trying to wake people
up, keep in mind that the real problem is not that everyone is
malicious or stupid (though some are); the problem is that what
most people were taught about "government" and "authority" tricks
them into betraying their own values, and violating their own moral
codes. It's akin to some tribe that usually lives by the Golden
Rule, but once a month throws a virgin into a volcano to appease
their imaginary gods. Cure them of their misguided superstitions,
and they would be perfectly capable of having a rational, moral
society. So it is with statism. Most people are quite capable of
living moral, rational lives, if only their distorted view of
reality can be corrected. And that is what this seminar will do,
for a lot of people. Of course, you can't force anyone to wake up,
but based upon many years of experience, I think this event will be
by far the most effective way--better than any book, article or
video, including my own--to get people to reconsider the false
assumptions they've accepted for all of their lives.

Know anyone in need of deprogramming? I know what you're thinking:
"Well, I know someone, but he won't listen; I've already tried."
The sad truth is that whether someone accepts an idea or not often
has little to do with whether the idea is true and rational, and
more to do with how the idea is approached and presented. I've
accidentally learned a whole lot about human psychology, just by
spending a couple of decades trying to get people to reconsider
things they've always taken for granted. I've seen first hand how
the human mind--including my own--does all sorts of strange
evasions and contortions when confronted with new, unfamiliar
ideas. And I think this seminar will be a more effective way to get
people to understand and embrace the concepts of self-ownership and
true freedom than anything else I've ever done, or anything else
I've ever seen anyone else do.

One final thing worth mentioning: the concepts and ideas that will
be covered at this event are actually quite simple and fundamental,
and it doesn't matter if the people who attend know little or
nothing about history, philosophy, science, law, or anything else.
As long as someone can comprehend English, and can sit in one place
for an hour or so (which only just barely includes me), the event
is designed to be valuable and effective for all ages, sexes,
income levels, education levels, races, religions, political views,
and so on. Ironically, about the only group I would slightly
discourage from attending are people who have given up statism
entirely. I won't quite go so far as to put up a "Voluntaryists
need not apply" sign, but I think the event will do a lot more good
if it's full of "normal" people (statists). Incidentally, terms
like "statist," "anarchist," "voluntaryist," and most other
political terms don't even show up for most of the event. In fact,
very little of it will be "political" at all.

I'll give more details soon. Just wanted to give this early warning
(for once). Plan to be in Troy, Michigan this July. And if you're
not a statist, bring one along.

Larken Rose
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