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Have Tons of Money, and Want More?

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Dear Subscriber,

This message is only for people who: 1) have a lot of money, and 2)
want more. In short, someone I know is in a situation where he is
giving tons of money to the damn banks, and would much rather be
giving tons of money to someone non-slimy, maybe even pro-freedom.
It's not even a loan he's looking for, and there's basically no
real risk. (And it's nothing "illegal," if you care about that sort
of thing.) Anyway, if anyone has a huge pile of money, and wants to
use it to make more, in a non-statist, non-Federal-Rerserve type of
way, let me know, and I can tell you the details.


Larken Rose
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.