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Bilingual Plantation

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Dear Subscriber,

I'm happy to say that my new video, "The Jones Plantation," now in
its fourth day since being posted, has about 16,000 views so far.
I'm also happy to say that, to my surprise, the "like" to "dislike"
ration is over 200-to-1. Also, most people who start watching it,
watch the whole thing--which also surprised me. (YouTube has
statistical info showing that.) I expected it to be too
substantive, and too thought-provoking, to have such a high rate of
holding people's attention and getting a positive reaction. Woohoo!
Anyway, you can still try it out on all your friends (and enemies).
Here is the link:

I'm also happy to say that there is now a German version of the
video posted, which can be viewed here:

Larken Rose
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