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Deprogramming Michigan

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Dear Subscriber,

I have, for quite some time, been planning a sort of two-day
presentation/seminar type thing, and I'm thinking of having the
debut somewhere in Michigan over the weekend of June 9th and 10th.
Right now I'm just pondering the question of WHERE in Michigan I
should do it.

Later I'll tell more about it, but it will probably consist of five
sessions, about an hour and a half each, spread over two days. I'm
thinking for the first run the cost would only be $80, which will
probably go up when I do it again somewhere else. There will be a
limit to how many people can attend, probably 50 (maybe 60).

Now, without getting into the substance--which I'll get into later--
the thing is designed to be fun and entertaining, not at all
confrontational, interactive rather than just lectures, easy to
follow and easy to understand, and specially designed for people
completely new to the concepts of self-ownership and voluntaryism.
It uses an approach probably unlike anything you've ever seen, and
an approach that I think will be far more effective than any other--
books, talks, debates, radio shows, etc.

I plan on charging less for the first run (I hope to hold similar
events in different parts of the country), because the first time,
there will be no one who's done it before to tell people that it's
worth it. In fact, because of that, I'm thinking of doing something
like letting people pay $20 for the first session, and if they want
to bail after that, they can, without paying anything else. Or they
can then pay $60 more to get the whole "shebang." (That's a
technical term.)

Anyway, right now I'm just asking to see if any Michiganites have
suggestions about where in Michigan such an event might get a good
reception. I could randomly pick a place, but then someone would
probably say, "Aw, you should have done it in my town!" So if you
say that now, I might.


Larken Rose
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