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The Most Dangerous Superstition

In response to the release of my new book, "The Most Dangerous
Superstition," several people have already asked me, "Who is this
book for?" They want to know who the intended target audience is.
The answer is: everyone.

Yeah, I know that sounds like something someone would say who wants
to sell lots of books (which I do), but it's true. The book offers
something very important to pro-freedom folk, to the average
indoctrinated American--or anyone else on the planet--and even to
state mercenaries (cops and soldiers).

If you're already out there railing against the police state
garbage you see, and you already basically know what I think, and
therefore assume that the book will show you nothing new, please
reconsider. With very few exceptions, even the most ardent pro-
freedom activists will find, after reading the book, that there
remains a huge obstacle inside your own head that is hugely
hampering your efforts to spread true freedom, and hampering your
ability to achieve what freedom you can for yourself, in this
control-freak world we live in.

To be blunt, I see MOST of the "freedom movement" doing things
which actually STRENGTHEN those in power--the exact opposite of
what the activists are trying to accomplish. (How long has "the
movement" been petitioning, campaigning, and protesting, and what
does it have to show for it?) As long as the superstition plagues
even liberty advocates, they will accomplish nothing of any value,
but will forever bash their heads against the wall of the state. If
you don't think you do this yourself, I dare you to read the book.

You can get the book at the link below, or if you prefer to do it
all by mail, you can use the address below. The book is only $10,
which includes shipping. (We also just posted a deal where you can
get "The Iron Web," "How To Be a Successul Tyrant," and "The Most
Dangerous Superstition," for $30 total.) With my past books, my
attitude was basically, "I hope you like these books, and I hope
people get something out of them." My attitude with the new book
is, "This is really damn important! Make everyone read it!"

No pressure, of course.


Larken Rose

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006