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A Little Creepy

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Dear Subscriber,

I think Congress has been reading my novel, "The Iron Web." I just
read in the news that, in response to the shooting of Gabrielle
Giffords, professional parasite Robert Brady intends to introduce
legislation that "would make it a crime for anyone to use language
or SYMBOLS that could be seen as threatening or violent against a
federal official."

Holy smokes. That's almost straight out of my novel. From page 237,
"The Act includes new legislation which will prohibit the
displaying of logos, SYMBOLS, slogans, or other images deemed to
serve no other purpose than the advocacy of violence or other

Is that creepy, or what? I hope the Iron Web symbol makes the list
of things that get banned. I wonder whether the rest of the
(fictional) "Peace of Mind Act" from my novel is going to end up on
the House floor. And will I get credit as the author of the bill?


Larken Rose