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Slight Improvement

A while ago, I decided not to talk to the press anymore. They get
so much wrong--sometimes due to incompetence, sometimes due to
dishonesty--that I didn't want them getting it wrong about me. But
recently I decided, I might as well say what I think when they ask,
and then see how badly they mangle it. At least it MIGHT make a
reader or two think about something.

So yesterday I got a call from Jeff Carlton at the Associated
Press, and I told him what I thought about the Joe Stack thing. Not
surprisingly, the piece basically ended up as statist propaganda.
But what was surprising is that he didn't misquote me. So I guess
that counts as a slight improvement. Here's the "story":

What's really ironic is that the mainstream leftist news keeps
trying to link Joe Stack with the "Tea Party" movement. Meanwhile,
I'm bashing most "Tea Party" folk because they still think "working
within the system" has any prayer of achieving freedom. So they're
"playing by the rules" (the rules made up by the tyrants), and
STILL being portrayed as extremists, criminals and terrorists.

The reason for that is simple: the statists want everyone to think
that the ENTIRE range of ideas people can have (with the "Tea
Party" folk at the "far right") boils down to "Who do I vote for?"
So the media has to paint lukewarm, conformist, ineffective whining
at tyrants as "extremist," while pretending that those of us who
ACTUALLY advocate freedom--even when it's "illegal" (which is
always)--don't exist.

Larken Rose