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Feel Safer?

(originally launched into cyberspace on 10/20/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

I feel much safer knowing that federal fascists are "protecting"
me. If anyone thinks the "Department of Homeland Security" and the
TSA have ANYTHING to do with making us safe, let's do a little
"compare and contrast":

1) Yeah, I look at this girl, and the first thing I think is,
"Terrorist! Please protect me from her!"

2) Oh well, if fascist, police state harassment, warrantless
searches, assault and constant surveillance are the price for our
safety, then yippee! And just look how hard the TSA is working to
keep us safe!:

Incidentally, to the people of Phoenix, if you were hoping to win
the "Sleezeball Mayor" of the year award, I think you did it. Could
Phil Gordon possibly look any MORE dishonest, slimy, condescending,
and arrogant? Heck, in comparison he almost makes Mayor Street
(Philadelphia) look like something other than the crook he is.

All the "national security" bunk has ONE goal: to train us to be
subservient and obedient, and to put up with all manner of
unjustified intrusions, interrogations, searches, and harassment.
If you think it has ANYTHING to do with "fighting terrorism," you
need to watch less mainstream media and search YouTube for "TSA."


Larken Rose

(P.S. Based on the last flight I took, several years ago, I believe
I am on the TSA's "list" of people to give a little extra attention
to. Don't criticize the American tyrants, or you might get on the
list too. Personally, I don't fly anymore, because I doubt my
ability to humbly and quietly put up with the fascist oppression
that "good" Americans seem to take in stride.)