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True Colors Shining Through

(originally launched into cyberspace on 09/17/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

A lot of people think it's exaggerating or being melodramatic to
say that EVERY command from "government" is a threat of violence,
backed by the ability and willingness to use deadly force. The main
reason it doesn't look that way is because most people immediately
cave in and comply with government demands ("laws"), so the
violence backing it up is never seen.

Imagine an armed car-jacker using the following defense when put on
trial: "Hey, I didn't ever shoot anyone, or even hit anyone. I just
said some words, and they all GAVE me their cars! I didn't use
violence." If the words he used were "Give me your car or I'll blow
your brains out," I think we'd all agree that that constitutes
violence. The THREAT of force--stating that you WILL use violence
if someone doesn't do what you say--is by itself a form of
violence. No one with a brain would claim that car-jacking is
perfectly fine if the crook has never ACTUALLY shot anyone (but
only threatened to).

Nonetheless, the violence inherent in ALL involuntary "taxation"
goes unnoticed by most people, simply because in most cases, the
violence never actually occurs--people "comply" in order to AVOID
the nasty things threatened by the feds. However, for a reality
check, it's helpful for people to be able to see, every once in a
while, the true colors of so-called "tax collectors," and that only
happens when someone resists.

I was merely put in prison for a year, but even that is a very
deceptive indicator of how vicious and violent the "law enforcers"
truly are. I went along with being put in a cage in order to avoid
the ultimate "trump card" behind EVERY "law" or EVERY "government":
murder. If you doubt that, you need only look to an example of
someone who DIDN'T go along with the federal terrorists. I'm
speaking, of course, of Ed and Elaine Brown.

Does anyone need machine-guns and tanks in order to ask nicely for
a voluntary contribution? Are SWAT teams and sneak attacks required
to collect "donations"? No. The IRS, the ATF, and all "tax
collectors," are gangs of armed robbers, willing to murder those
who do not give in. Again, we rarely SEE the true colors of these
gangs of inhuman monsters, because almost everyone caves in quickly
in order to AVOID having the really nasty stuff happen to them.

I have heard that there are indications that the feds are
escalating their "presence" near the Browns' house. Setting aside
authoritarian euphemisms, what that means is that they are getting
closer to using overt violence to either capture or kill the
Browns. And since Ed Brown has made it clear that he won't go
quietly, it's pretty darn obvious that if they go in, the feds have
every intention of MURDERING him.

For what? For not giving them a piece of his paycheck. Let's
pretend for a minute that the Browns legally owed the "taxes" in
question, and let's even pretend that the Browns THOUGHT they owed
the tax (neither of which is true). Even if they said "Yeah, we owe
it, but we're not paying," would that make it okay to MURDER them?

In his brilliant writings, Lysander Spooner constantly described
government agents as "bands of thieves and murderers," which to
most people would seem a little harsh and over-the-top. But the
Browns are performing the public service of PROVING that that is
EXACTLY what authoritarian "law enforcers" are: people who forcibly
rob people, and who are willing to commit MURDER against those who
resist. Of course, if no one ever resists, we never get to actually
SEE just how evil the parasite thugs really are.

"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it."
[John Hay]

Whatever someone thinks of Mr. Brown personally, or of any
unorthodox tax-related beliefs, it is good for Americans to be
forced to face the question: Is it okay to MURDER people for not
paying the government's "protection" fees? If you say "yes," you
deserve any level of enslavement and oppression "authority" can
impose upon you. If you say "no," then ALL "taxation"--however many
layers of euphemisms and platitudes the truth is buried under--is
an intolerable evil.

Some people are going as far as volunteering to use defensive force
to try to prevent the murder of Mr. Brown. Amazingly, those people
are then publicly demonized--and when possible, arrested--by the
hypocritical, power-happy, murderous, machine-gun-toting fascists
who are willing to COMMIT the murder. Mr. Brown is in his house,
surrounded by a bunch of heavily-armed enemies, who are there with
the obvious goal of capturing or killing him (knowing that the
former is extremely unlikely), but when someone tries to come to
the aide of Mr. Brown, to protect him from the aggressors, that
person is arrested for being a nasty criminal. This shows just how
insane the belief in "authority" can make people: armed robbery and
murder are okay because they're (supposedly) "legal," but using
defensive force against thieves and murderers is evil (if they call
themselves "government").

Well, if that is the case, then I'm proud to be rooting for the
evil side. Only the belief in "authority" can brainwash people so
thoroughly that they can see the guy who is being ROBBED as the
criminal, and the ROBBERS as the good guys. Such is the power of
the most dangerous superstition.

Not surprisingly, the thieves and murderers want things happening
quietly, which is why they've cut off the Brown's phone lines and
internet. Personally, I'd love to see a thousand eyes all around
the place, always watching, always recording, always spreading the
truth. If the U.S. Marshals, the New Hampshire Sheriffs, and any
other "authorities" involved actually believe that THEY are the
good guys, wouldn't they WANT lots of people watching? Wouldn't
they WANT the whole thing to be open and public, so their nobility
and righteousness would be plain for all to see? They are the
criminals, and they know it. They just want the rest of the country
to remain so indoctrinated and clueless that the Browns will look
like the "criminals"--dead criminals, if "government" once again
has its way (as it did in the cases of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Gordon
Kahl, and many others most people have never heard of).

Not surprisingly, most people don't really want to go up against
the most powerful regime the world has ever known. But at least let
he who has eyes SEE what is going on, and once again the "law
enforcers" will be shown for what they are: as Lysander Spooner put
it, "a band of thieves and murderers."


Larken Rose

(P.S. I have no idea what the physical layout of the surrounding
area is, but if Mr. Brown's house is visible from anyone else's
property, I hope they have 24-hour video surveillance going--
infrared if possible.)