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Protect And Serve

(originally launched into cyberspace on 09/14/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

There's a reason I call the belief in "authority" "THE MOST
DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION." We neeeeeeed it to protect us, right? We
need the "law" to keep us civil, right? Otherwise we would be
assaulting each other, right? Watch and listen to the video on the
following page (but be warned, it includes nasty language), and
then tell me that the belief in "authority" is a CIVILIZING
influence on society:

There you have a deluded lunatic Nazi piece of excrement (I mean
that in a nice way), with the power to destroy lives for the fun of
it, put people in cages, etc. This is a fine example of why NO ONE
should ever be viewed as having rights that everyone else doesn't
have. If anyone OTHER than a "law enforcer" behaved like this, he
would very quickly get exactly what he deserves. It is the monster
of "government" backing him up that makes resisting these
delusional Gestapo psychos nearly impossible to do.

Tell me again how this is the land of the free, and not a police


Larken Rose