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Thought Control For Sale

(originally launched into cyberspace on 09/01/2007)

Dear Fellow Peasant,

I find it both helpful, and really creepy, when tyrants don't even
hide their methods of control and oppression. Someone just drew my
attention to a truly stunning example. If the following doesn't
make your skin crawl, you deserve to be enslaved.

Those of you who have read my book, "How To Be a Successful
Tyrant," ( ) know that it focuses heavily on
propaganda, particularly in Chapter 3, "Controlling Thought," and
Chapter 5, "Spreading the Lie." For several hundred years now (at
least), every government worth its salt has known that thought
control is by far the most powerful weapon a tyrant can have.

Amazingly, there is now an outfit that openly offers its services
to governments the world over, saying that what it offers--methods
of THOUGHT CONTROL via propaganda--is the most powerful weapon a
government can have. The number of admissions the company makes is

They openly speak, for example, not only of using "a powerful psyop
[psychological operations] campaign against an engaged enemy," but
controlling the thought of the citizenry, to "engender support
within the national community for proposed military action." Wow, a
war-mongers dream come true! And of course, the same principles--
the same "services," as the company calls them--could and would be
used to crush any internal rebellions within any countries
utilizing those "services" as well.

"The military conflicts of the 21st Century will not be fought on
the ground, in the sea or in the air; they will be fought in the
minds of our adversaries and allies."

No, that's not a quote from my book. It's from the company's web
site. But they can't really be openly talking about thought control
via propaganda, can they?

"What if there was a way to control civilian behaviour when it

Barf! I wish I was making this stuff up. I'm not. Here is what the
company, on its public web site, is selling to any government that
wants it:

"An Opcentre is a command facility for strategic communications.
.... These units of expertise combine to create one of the most
dynamic and influential ‘weapons' in the world. An Opcentre puts
influence, control and power back into the hands of the government
and military, giving them greater power to influence the enemy in
time of conflict and enhanced access to their citizens during a
crisis. For instance, an Opcentre can be designed to override all
national radio and TV broadcasts, allowing the government and
military to communicate with the public as the need arises."

Yeah, wouldn't it be nifty if the tyrants of the world, with the
use of propaganda, could better push "behavioural compliance for
homeland security issues," and "influence group behavior"? And
we're not just talking about telling politicians how to get votes;
we're talking about methods which concentrate "on the behavioural
outcome of the communication."

I have only just started looking at the site of the company, which
is based out of England. And I have to take a break, or I'm going
to lose my mind. For those of you who want to get a disturbing dose
of reality--or for those who thought I was making all of this up--

And I hope no one on this list is stupid enough to think that "our"
"government"--the richest and most powerful in the history of the
world--hasn't been using such "services" for the last century at


Larken Rose