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Hooray For Our Side!

(originally launched into cyberspace on 08/31/2007)

My Fellow Americans,

Listen to the words, from just a few years back, of a great
statesman, as he condemns the evils of terrorism!

"The most ruthless man of the present day who ... as early as [a
few years ago] had conceived a plan of devastating and, if
possible, destroying [this country] in a bloody war, because she
was growing too powerful in her peaceful prosperity, had at last
found an instrument in the [foreign] state, and prepared to draw
the sword for their interests and aims."

Yeah, those darn Islamofascists hate us for our peace and
prosperity, and they're gonna hurt us!

"All my attempts at reaching an understanding, particularly with
[Iraq], nay even permanent friendly cooperation, were foiled by the
wish of a small clique, who, either out of hatred or for material
reasons, refused any [American] suggestion of agreement and did not
conceal their intention or desire of war."

Golly, we tried peace, both those nasty people, especially the
fringe extremists, want war! Can't we all just get along?

"The driving personality behind this mad and devilish plan of
starting war at any price was [Saddam Hussein] and his accomplices,
the men in the present [Iraqi] Government. They were trying to get
support, openly and secretly, from the [other governments] on this
side and on the other side of the ocean. ... Under these
circumstances, and to spare innocent and decent people, who, no
doubt, exist also in that other world, I decided to make another
appeal to the statesmen. [Last year], I declared that [America] had
no grievance against [Iraq], and I pointed out the horrors that
modern arms would bring to large areas once they were unbridled."

We warned the Iraqis of how nasty a war would be, hoping they would
choose peace!

"The [Iraqi] warmongers, and [those funding them], found no other
interpretation of my considerations of humanity than the assumption
of [American] weakness. ... They declared that peace could not come
about until [America] was destroyed."

They hate us, and won't stop until we're destroyed! We wanted
peace, but they refused!

"[Last year, I spoke to Congress] to give expression to the
nation's gratitude to its soldiers. Again I took the opportunity of
that meeting to appeal to the world for peace. I did not permit any
doubts that my hopes in this direction could only be slight, in
view of my experiences. ... Events happened exactly as I had
predicted. My peace offer was alleged to be a sign of fear and
cowardice. The [Iraqi] warmongers again succeeded in blurring the
sanity of the masses, who cannot gain by this war. They succeeded
in awakening new hopes by lying statements, and finally, with the
help of a public opinion directed by their Press, made the people
continue the fight."

The Iraqi people have been duped by their government, which lies to
them, and tricked them into starting a war.

"[America is] not at all interested in territorial questions and
the internal state of the [middle-eastern] countries from any
selfish interests. Second, [America] has always endeavored to open
up and consolidate close economic relations with these countries."

Yeah, we just wanted friendly trade. We don't want conquest or
anything. We only want peace!

"In this campaign, the [American] armed forces have truly surpassed
themselves. The actual deployment of the troops offered tremendous
difficulties. ... The units performed tasks worthy of the highest
praise not only of the men, their ability, courage, endurance, but
also of the quality of the material."

Hooray for our guys! We're the good guys, you know (and our war
toys are the best).

"[T]he [American government] has no territorial interests in that
zone. Politically, it is interested only in the safeguarding of
peace in this area; economically in the establishment of an order
that will provide for the production of goods for the general
benefit and that will again revive the exchange of products. ...
Thus today we are fighting, not only for our own existence, but
also to liberate the world from a conspiracy which, without
scruples, put the happiness of nations and people second to the
basest egoism. ... A pious feeling for community prevails in our
nation ... That which makes us feel so proud compared with other
nations, no power in the world can wrest away from us. ... In the
era of [terrorism and oppression] stands [the United States] like a
rock of social justice and clear reason which will not only survive
this war, but even the coming millennium."

Yay! "Oh say can you seeeeee....!"

- --------------------------------------

The above are excerpts from a speech, with only the words in
brackets changed, delivered in May of 1941, by that great
statesman, Adolf Hitler. (Of course, it's translated from the
original German.) Here is the entire speech:

The speech was given a few years after Hitler had ordered the
burning of the Reichstag, so he could blame it on the Jews, and use
it as an excuse to seize power, and to start doing away with the
civil liberties of the general public.

People look back at what Hitler did, and say "How could the Germans
let that happen?" People look at what Stalin did, and say "How
could the Russians let that happen?" People look at what Mao did,
and say "How could the Chinese let that happen?"

And then people vote for George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton.

The reason people keep "letting" injustice and tyranny happen is
because they don't UNDERSTAND the methods of tyrants and
megalomaniacs. Did you think they would ANNOUNCE their true
intentions? Did you think that their stated goals were their REAL
goals? Did you think the bad "side effects" of their "solutions"
were ACCIDENTAL? Did you think they wanted to obtain those
positions of "authority" for any reason OTHER than their own power?

In case I haven't been blunt enough before, let me try again: If
you feel profound nationalism and love of country, deep respect for
the law and for authority, and are PROUD of all those things--well,
YOU are the problem; you are nothing more than an unthinking pawn,
being used as tool to serve the wishes of the most evil people on
the planet. And you're too stupid to notice, and too deluded to
want to know the truth.

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."
[Adolf Hitler]

If you value "the law" above justice, and obedience above following
your own judgment--and if you want to know what caused the German
holocaust, or any of the other mass exterminations and oppressions
in history, then LOOK IN A DAMN MIRROR.

For all of recorded history, tyrants have been using the same
tricks, the same rhetoric, the same deceptions, and people STILL
fall for all of it, including in this country. If you want to know
how it is that you (and all your neighbors) are being deceived,
exploited, defrauded and used by megalomaniacs, try this:

I can't express how sickened I am by the thought of how many good
people, who actually value freedom and justice, have had to suffer,
and are still suffering, because of the stupidity of the masses, in
this country and every other. Wouldn't it be neat if people could
only be subjected to the rotten consequences of their OWN
stupidity, instead of everyone else's? Then the state-worshipers
could keep enslaving only themselves, until they learn their
lesson. No such luck.


Larken Rose

(P.S. Incidentally, Hitler's criticisms of the English, European,
and other tyrants were often on the mark, as are the U.S.
government's criticisms of the Iraqi tyrants, and others. What
makes it particularly ironic is that ALL of those complaints, while
perfectly valid, apply as often to the ones making the complaints
as they do to the targets of the complaints. For example, perhaps
some in the middle east really do "hate our freedoms," but to hear
Fuhrer W. Bush saying that is a bit too much irony for me to

(P.P.S. For future reference, if anyone wants to forward or post
any of my messages anywhere else, that's fine with me.)