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Illegal People?

(originally launched into cyberspace on 08/18/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

Well, it's time for me to make some more enemies.

So much of most peoples' political beliefs, including among people
who consider themselves to be pro-freedom, stems from false
assumptions, and from the belief in that mythical beast called

We now scoff at the old belief in the "divine right of kings": the
notion that, by an accident of birth, someone had more rights than
other people, and had the right to forcibly control those other
people. Silly, huh? Well, that ridiculous belief is back, and it's
called "illegal immigration."

How, exactly, does someone born several THOUSANDS miles away, in
Alaska, have an inherent RIGHT to stand in El Paso, Texas, but
someone born in Ciudad Juarez, just across the river, doesn't
(without special permission from the tyrants in Washington)?

A lot changes when you lose the self-contradictory belief in
"government." A lot of concepts you accepted as self-evident
evaporate, such as country borders, citizenship, patriotism, and
nationalism. Take, for example, that imaginary line between Mexico
and the U.S. What is it? How did it get there? It is the boundary
between the dirt which one set of tyrants claims the right to rule,
and the dirt which another set of tyrants claims the right to rule.
You can wave the flag all you want, and talk about "your" country
and "patriotism," but the fact is, country boundaries are based
entirely upon the inherently bogus, arbitrary claims of the RIGHT
TO RULE made by various megalomaniacs.

You have no more "right" to be here than someone born in Zimbabwe,
or Budapest, or anywhere else. Therefore, you have no right to use
force to stop them from coming here, nor can you delegate to
someone ELSE the right to do so. To put it as bluntly as I can, ALL
"immigration laws" are 100% illegitimate, unjustifiable violence--
all of them, in every country, under any circumstances.

You can wave "laws" around, wave the Constitution around, and make
generalizations all you want, but if you forcibly stop someone who
only wants to walk from one piece of dirt to another, YOU are the
one initiating violence; YOU are the bad guy. (If, on the other
hand, the piece of dirt he wants to walk on is your own personal
property, you have the right to keep him off. But unless you
believe you personally own this entire COUNTRY, that cannot
possibly justify any "immigration" laws.)

Oddly, as often happens, in the case of immigration, FREEDOM gets
the blame for problems caused by TYRANNY. "But those dang Mexicans
come over here and get public benefits, and welfare, and free
schooling!" So which is the problem: them walking over an invisible
line, or YOUR "government"--consisting entirely of Americans--
forcibly robbing one person to give a handout to someone else?

If someone accepts stolen property, that's bad. And it's bad
regardless of where the person was born, or what imaginary lines he
has walked over. So why do Americans whine about "illegals" getting
government benefits more than they do about the millions of
American parasites doing the same thing? (I won't even bother
getting into the actual statistics on which demographic groups get
more government goodies, and which produce more for the economy,
because it's beside the point.)

And how backwards and fascist is it to have the attitude of: "Well,
you MIGHT apply for government handouts, so we're going to use
force to keep you out of this country"? Guilty until proven
innocent? Yep. Those who want to come here "legally" have to go to
great lengths to prove that they will be productive, and not a
drain on society. (Hilariously, they have to prove this to people
in "government," who themselves are nothing BUT a drain on

Mind you, I'm not saying I agree with "amnesty" for "illegals." The
only reason I don't, however, is that the people who have no right
to STOP people from coming here also have no right to give them
PERMISSION to come here, which is what "amnesty" means. People born
on this planet (or on any others, for that matter) have the right
to come here, just as much as you have the right to be here. It's a
little funny that so many people whose grandparents came here from
Europe, Africa, Asia, and so on, are now whining that Mexicans have
no right to be on this piece of dirt. (The Americans indians are
probably getting a chuckle out of that.) And don't whine about some
doing it "legally," because that makes exactly NO difference when
it comes to morality. The morality of an act does NOT depend upon
whether politicians have given it their blessing via "legislation."

As I've said before, the world looks very different when not viewed
through "authority"-colored glasses. On one hand, many things get a
lot simpler. On the other hand, you lose the intellectual cop-out
of mass violence via "government" intervention as the default
solution to all problems, whether it be poverty, crime, illiteracy,
substance abuse, or even those dadburn "furriners" coming here.
Deal with them WITHOUT initiating violence, or stop pretending to
be pro-freedom.


Larken Rose