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Understanding the Trick

(originally launched into cyberspace on 08/17/2007)

Dear Subscriber,

When you watch a "magic" trick which you haven't seen before, if
it's done well, you can watch it over and over again, and each time
be mesmerized by it, while trying to figure out how it's done.
However, once you learn how it's done, when you watch it again, you
may wonder how on earth the method of deception didn't occur to you

A similar thing happens with tricks that are used to swindle people
(instead of just entertaining them). If you know how it's done, the
deception may seem painfully obvious, and you can't imagine how
anyone could miss it. For example, you may marvel at how any crook
can call random numbers, pretending to be working for a credit card
company, and trick a LOT of people into giving out their numbers
(which the crooks then use to go on shopping sprees). And you may
ask yourself, how on earth does anyone still fall for that sort of

Whenever I watch any political ad (which I try to avoid), that's my
instinctive reaction: How on earth can people be so gullible as to
still fall for this bunk? It doesn't matter if the crook has an "R"
or a "D" after his name--the method is ALWAYS the same: make the
people scared of something, and then suggest that if the people
will only give politicians the power to "fix" the problem, all will
be well. It works with poverty, and war, and terrorism, and health
care, and crime, and getting old, and global warming, and
education, and safety, and so on, and so on, and so on. Some of the
things you're supposed to be scared of are real, and some are not,
but fixing them is NEVER the goal of the politician. The goal is
always increasing his own power. Always.

If you vote for someone because she sounds so sincere about her
concern for the poor in this country... well, you're a gullible
twit. If you vote for someone because he sounds like he wants to
fight terrorism... well, you're a gullible twit. In fact, it pretty
much comes down to this: if you vote for someone, you're a gullible

Every once in a while, someone will run on the platform of "If
elected, I'll leave you the heck alone!" Unfortunately, even most
of the people who say that are also lying--like ALL of the
supposedly "limited government" Republicans elected in 1994, and
ALL of the leftover sixties hippies who pretended to believe in
"live and let live." The fact is, at least 99.999% of the people
who run for "public office" do it because they want the POWER it
provides to them. Even if they went in honestly hoping to do
something GOOD with that power, preserving and increasing their own
power will instantly overwhelm any good intentions they might have
had. (Ron Paul is the only one I can think of who still has me
convinced that he really DOES want "government" to have
significantly less power, even though I think doing it via "the
system" is an impossibility.)

When I released my book, "How To Be a Successful Tyrant," lots of
people didn't get what the point of such a book would be. If you
don't WANT to be a tyrant, what good is the book? Lots of people
who have READ it, on the other hand, quickly got the point (and,
I'm happy to report, lots of people have given it glowing reviews--
more glowing than I would dare to give it myself). The point is
that at least 95% of the people in this country continue to fall
for age-old tricks, because they don't understand the methods which
tyrants use to deceive and control. The book is written from the
perspective of the TYRANT, just the way a "how-to" magic book is
written from the perspective of the magician. If the people
understood how tyrants operate, they might stop falling for the
tricks. But as long as the people don't see how they are being
duped, they will keep unwittingly SUPPORTING their own enslavement.

I know a lot of you can already see through the bunk of political
campaigns, so you're not the problem (but I still think you'd like
the book). Trouble is, the ignorance of your friends and neighbors
is what allows the tyrants to oppress YOU. If "government" could
only rob, terrorize, and control the people who fell for its
tricks, I'd be content. But the tyrants acquire the power to
oppress us ALL, by way of duping the majority. The people can't see
beneath the feigned compassion and concern of politicians, to their
rotten, anti-human interior. So the people keep falling for the

When someone pretends to have only YOUR best interests in mind,
he's almost certainly lying. Here, I'll give an example of all-too-
rare honesty: One reason I want you to buy my "Tyrant" book is so
my wife and I will have more money. However, I also firmly believe
that the message is something which, if understood by the general
public, would expose and therefore render impotent the slimy tricks
of the megalomaniacs of the world. I dare say that after someone
reads the book, even an "average Joe" who doesn't think much about
politics, he won't be able to watch another political ad, or
another political "news" story, without immediately noticing the
euphemisms, the obfuscations, and the other psychological tricks
which the power-happy use to control the beliefs of their victims.
And then he will wonder how he ever fell for it, and he will wonder
why almost everyone he knows is STILL falling for it. (Then maybe
he'll get them to buy my book, too.)


Larken Rose

(P.S. The web site for the book is )