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Dear Subscriber,

This is just a quick note to give everyone a link to an animated
video someone did, based on a talk I gave a while back. I think the
video is a significant upgrade from the talk I actually gave, so
here it is:

Larken Rose
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Dear Subscriber,

As some of you noticed, my web site,, was down
for a couple days, with a "403" "illegal activity" error. For those
who were wondering, it was just a stupid technical botch-up, which
has since been fixed. The site is up and running again. Sorry for
any inconvenience.


Larken Rose
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Southeastern Extremism?

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Dear Subscriber,

About a week into March, I'm hoping to be heading down the coast,
from eastern Pennsylvania to southern Georgia, and then back. Since
this is part of the country we missed on our cross-country trip a
few months back, and since we got offers from the southeast back
then that we couldn't work into the plan, I thought I'd quick check
to see if there's anywhere worth stopping, maybe in North Carolina,
southern Georgia, or very northern Florida. Other places along the
route might also work. I could give a talk, sign books, or just
have a casual visit. Of course, if there's a chance to sell a
couple books, that would help pay for gas, but that's not 100%
necessary. We'll probably be leaving here March 5th, so this is
short notice (as usual). So if anyone down the southeast coast
wants an "extremist" showing up, let me know, and I'll see if I can
make it work.


Larken Rose
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Any Lawyer Experienced at Bivens Actions?


Dear Subscriber,

The saga of the IRS extortionist thieves harassing me continues--
and probably will until I'm dead, or the IRS is out of business.
For those not familiar with their most recent blatant lies and
illegal extortion, this video gives a summary:

A while back I requested a Collections Due Process hearing, and
they acknowledged receiving the request. After months, they just
sent me their template letter saying that they wouldn't give me a
CDP hearing, because my request was "frivolous." Again, this
obviously shows that they have me coded in a way that tells the IRS
leeches, "Deny this guy all due process!" NOTHING in this case had
anything to do with any legal theory or issue at all. The 861
evidence has NOTHING to do with this, and was never even mentioned.
The IRS just MADE UP that our subcontractors (from many years ago)
should have been treated as employees, and ever since, one office
after another has refused to meet with me, refused to give me any
due process at all, any opportunity to be heard, etc. It's
obviously NOT because of the actual issue, which is quite simple
and very common.

(If, for example, they told anyone ELSE that they should be
treating their subcontractors as employees, and the person said he
disagreed, the standard IRS response wouldn't be, "We refuse to
talk to you at any level, for any reason!" But that's what they've
been doing to me, at all levels, even the "Taxpayer Advocate," for
years, with their cookie-cutter responses obviously showing that my
IMF file is (illegally) coded to tell them to deny me any due

Anyway, to get to the point, it's probably time to do a Bivens
action against several specific agents, for blatantly, knowingly,
and intentionally depriving me of all Fifth Amendment due process
rights, under color of law. I could probably do the suit myself,
but I haven't done one before, and I don't really want to spend the
time and effort to figure out how to do the whole thing, and do it
right, without some technical mistake or omission messing it up.
Trouble is, I'm also really dang poor. But if there are any lawyers
out there, licensed in Pennsylvania, who would want to try it on a
contingency basis, I think it might actually succeed. This case is
such a simple, cut-and-dried case of blatant, ongoing,
comprehensive denial of due process, that I think even the most
brainwashed jury could see that something is horribly wrong. (I'm
assuming one can request a jury for a Bivens case, but that's a
guess.) So, if any PA-licensed lawyer out there wants a free shot
at the federal extortion racket, let me know.


Larken Rose
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The Iron Web, Almost Fiction

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Dear Subscriber,

It's starting to creep me out how many little pieces of my novel,
"The Iron Web," have been happening in the real world. To those
who've read it, does this sound familiar?: the son of a politically-
connected official commits rape, but the system won't prosecute.

Hmmm, I wonder if the "resolution" to that will be the same as in
the book.

The book also "predicted" the change to the notion that people
don't have a right to resist even blatantly, admittedly illegal
searches and arrests (page 232). It also mentions the whittling
away at the Freedom Of Information Act (page 233). It also talks
about detention of people without charging them, though in a
slightly different context (page 234). There are others, but I'm
too lazy to find them right now.

No big deal, and this doesn't make me a prophet, but I had to
mention it anyway. I wonder if the story ends the same. I tend to
doubt it.

Larken Rose
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Romney! Romney! Romney!

- -----------------------------------

I am thrilled that Mitt Romney seems to be well on his way to
becoming the Republican presidential nominee. No, I'm not kidding.
I think it is the best possible outcome, far better than Ron Paul

Now, as anyone who knows me can guess, it's not because I think
Romney is a great guy who will do great things. On the contrary, he
is the quintessential political whore: a delusional, narcissistic,
god-complex pathological liar who has no beliefs, values or
substance of his own. He is a slimy, dishonest prevaricator who
will say whatever he thinks will benefit himself, without the
slightest regard for truth or morality. He is a two-faced,
opportunistic con-man, a crook of the highest order, devoid of any
shred of principles or integrity.

How do you like my endorsement of Mitt so far?

So why would I want him to win? In fact, I don't just want him to
be the Republican candidate; I want him to be the next President.
Yes, I'm absolutely serious.

But why? Because I think Puppet Romney would do an outstanding job
of finishing what Puppet Clinton, Puppet Bush, and Puppet Obama
have done so far. No, I'm not talking about their totalitarian
agenda. I'm talking about completely destroying the legitimacy of
the U.S. ruling class in the eyes of its victims, and in the eyes
of the rest of the world. If we want people to see through the
extortionistic, violent and fraudulent charade that is
"government," what better way to do that than to have the ultimate
crooked, paid-off, self-serving empty suit megalomaniac occupying
the White house?

It took a while until the dupes who had so enthusiastically shouted
"change," wetting themselves with joy at the coming of the
Obamessiah, started to notice that nothing changed. There are still
a few, but not many, who haven't yet realized that the answer to
the question, "Can we use government to fix everything?" is a
resounding, "No, we can't!" Obama's emotion-exploiting, empty
manipulation eventually wore off, but it took a while for a lot of
people to accept reality. The guy is just Bush III.

Before that, devout Republican state-worshipers spent years going
to great lengths to try to avoid admitting that Bush II was a big-
government, collectivist control freak. But most of them now
realize it.

Well, who would have any doubt about Romney? Who would imagine for
a moment that the guy has an honest bone in his body, or that he
believes in anything at all, other than his own wealth, power and
glory? His flip-flopping is downright legendary, to a hilarious
degree. If you want to help people see through the facade of
"government," to realize that it's nothing but a gang of liars and
crooks plundering and enslaving mankind for its own benefit, then
Mitt is your man!

In contrast, if Ron Paul became President, it would create among
many a renewed, but completely misguided hope in the possibility of
"politics" and "working within the system" achieving freedom,
despite the fact that it has never happened in the history of the
world. With Dr. Paul in office, people might start respecting the
presidency again, and that is not a good thing. To put it another
way, don't let Ron Paul ruin what so many politicians have spent
decades accomplishing--namely, demolishing any imagined credibility
or legitimacy the gang of crooks in Washington ever had.

The shortest path from where we are today, to an actually free
society, starts with Mitt Romney as President. Now there's an
awesome sentence to take out of context, huh? But it's true. If you
want state worship and blind faith in "government" to crumble, you
should try to put the biggest elitist buffoon, the most obviously
corrupt liar possible, on the throne. And Mitt Romney sure fits
that bill! Go Mitt!

Larken Rose
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