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The End of Oppression (Part 1)

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Dear Subscriber,

The first in a six-part series of "Josie the Outlaw" videos is now
posted. Each video stands on its own, but together they will make
one presentation, probably just under an hour long, which will be
released on DVD when it's all finished. Here is the first

Larken Rose
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"Unlocking the Cage"

Dear Subscriber,

I thought I should start giving people more info about the project
I'm just starting, with the working title, "Unlocking the Cage."
The purpose is to create an INTERACTIVE process, which works even
better than a one-on-one discussion, to help people escape the
mythology regarding "government" that we were all taught. This
project was basically just a dream for the last year, until the
Freedoms Phoenix Funding Center came along, and made it into a real
possibility. Here is the main page on the funding center for the

But beyond that general description, I wanted to start giving more
explanation of what this project will entail, and how it will work.
Again, the idea is based on many hundreds of discussions I've had
over the past 18 years with people who still believe in
"government," seeing how they react and respond, seeing the things
which make them defensive and make their ability to reason shut
down, and so on. (I say "they," but I used to be one of them, and I
definitely include my own escape from authoritarianism as a lesson
in what has to happen in order to help people see reality.) So let
me explain a few of the challenges that "Unlocking the Cage" is
designed to overcome, and how it will do so:

- ------------------------------

Challenge #1: When someone hears an idea that conflicts with his
own, the natural tendency is to get defensive, to intellectually
"hunker down," in an effort to "win" the debate. As long as the new
idea feels like an external, foreign concept, in conflict with
one's own values and beliefs, the person is extremely unlikely to
be at all open to it, or to even think about it.

Solution #1: "Unlocking the Cage" combines several factor to defuse
this common psychological response: 1) since the user isn't dealing
with an actual person, isn't being rushed, and there is no peer
pressure, MOST of the usual stressors that lead to confrontation
aren't there to begin with. 2) The process, from the very
beginning, makes it abundantly clear that the user is the ultimate
judge of what is true, what is right, and what is logical. In
short, from the user's viewpoint there really ISN'T a conflict
viewpoint at all. 3) This is accomplished by doing the entire
process through QUESTIONS, and never assertions. The narrator/host
of the presentation NEVER says "I," and NEVER expresses a personal
opinion. In other words, the ONLY "opinion" involved is that of the
user. 4) The entire theme is NOT "your ideas are bad, you should
adopt these ideas instead." Rather, the entire thing is about
ASKING the person about his thoughts, gently inviting him to
explore his OWN morals and reasoning, with the SOLE PURPOSE being
to see if the USER finds any inconsistencies in his OWN assumptions
and beliefs, with the ONLY goal of that being to help the user be
faithful to HIS OWN values.

- -------------------------------

Challenge #2: In a live discussion--whether in person, online,
whatever--people don't like pausing to think, for fear of sounding
stupid, or sounding like they don't have an answer.

Solution #2: There is no rush, and no time constraints on the pace
at which the user proceeds through "Unlocking the Cage." At ANY
point he can choose to pause to think about a question, whether for
ten minutes, two hours, or a month. Then, whenever he wants, he can
pick up right where he left off. This point, and the next, actually
make "Unlocking the Cage" MORE effective than a one-on-one in-
person discussion.

- --------------------------------

Challenge #3: If people are being asked questions, and sense it as
a possible trap, or an attempt to trick him into saying something
stupid, he will be on the defensive, instead of being open and

Solution #3: The process explains at the beginning that at ANY
point, the user can go back and change a previous answer, and pick
up the process from there. And again, since the user is the ONLY
"judge" involved, and the only human being even watching, he
doesn't have to feel embarrassed about changing his mind. He can
even "try" one answer on, see where it goes, without anyone nagging
or judging him, or accusing him of flip-flopping.

- -------------------------------

Challenge #4: There are up sides and down sides of having one-on-
one discussions, as opposed to group discussions. Peer pressure
tends to make people less honest, as people often follow the crowd.
However, it can also be useful for a person to see how OTHER people
answer a question.

Solution #4: "Unlocking the Cage" manages to get the best of both,
and avoid the worst of both. Since every user is anonymous, he
doesn't have to care about what anyone else might think of his
answer, because no one will ever know. But the plan is to have all
answers added to a database (with NO personal information
identifying any particular user), so every user can, if they want,
see what percentage of OTHER people who have done "Unlocking the
Cage" answered each question which way. So each user gets all the
information, but none of the pressure.

- -------------------------------

There is a lot more to explain, but that's enough for now.

Larken Rose
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Radio Show Today (with Larry Becraft)

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Dear Subscriber,

I wanted to quick let this list know that TODAY, from 3 to 5
Eastern time, I will be on Larry Becraft's radio show, "Liberty's
Hammer and Anvil." Here is the link for that:

Larken Rose
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TMDS in the UK

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Dear Subscriber,

For those anti-government extremist types (a.k.a. people who
believe in freedom) living in the UK, there's now a way to order
"The Most Dangerous Superstition" without having to pay extra (and
wait extra) for me to ship it from Pennsylvania. It will soon be
available on the UK version of Amazon, but here it is on the UK
version of Ebay:

Larken Rose
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Handicapped by Integrity and Principles

Dear Subscriber,

As long as there is "government," evil parasitical bastards will
have enormous power and nearly infinite resources, all of it stolen
from their victims in the form of "taxes" and "compliance." So
those who choose to resist the megalomaniacs will continue to be at
a huge disadvantage. The slaves always produce the wealth that is
used to buy the whips that lash them. (Dang, that should be a
saying or something.)

One reason I hate asking freedom advocates for help, for me or for
anyone else, is that being on the side of freedom usually has a
pretty high price tag, financially and otherwise. Many of the
people who believe in freedom, and have integrity and principles,
end up impoverished, with "criminal records," shunned by all the
obedient slaves, etc.

A prime example of this is a friend of mine, who you may know as
"Dr. Tom"--a man who I owe more to than I will ever be able to pay
back. As many of you will remember, he was the one who, with his
own money and with no intention of being paid back, funded the
making of the video, "Theft By Deception (Deciphering the Federal
Income Tax)." That video wouldn't ever have happened without him.
His reward for daring to try to get the truth out was to be
maligned, demonized, harassed, raided, terrorized, extorted,
robbed, persecuted and caged. Being a medical doctor, he had a lot
to lose, and lost it, because he refused to be a good, quietly
little victim of fraud. And after all these years, he is still
trying to get back on his feet, still paying the price for his
integrity and courage, still dealing with the BS fallout of having
a "criminal record," trying to get his medical license back (for a
non-existent "crime" that had nothing to do with that anyway),
trying to survive after being thoroughly robbed by the federal
parasites, etc.

So this is my one-time plea to everyone on this list to do whatever
you can now, however large or small, to help Tom out while things
are pretty damn desperate for him. I know we're not made of money,
and I know things are tight for a whole lot of people--especially
those whose hobby is trying to achieve freedom--but to see someone
like Tom being continually punished, after all these years, for
doing the RIGHT thing, is just infuriating. If you can help, even a
little, please do.

Tom can be sent donations via PayPal using the e-mail address
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." or via "snail mail" using this address:

Tom Clayton
202 N Vesper Bend Circle
Spring, TX 77382

Lastly, Tom doesn't have a Bitcoin account yet himself, but you can
send Bitcoin funds to him through me using the address below, but
if you do, be sure to INCLUDE A NOTE saying it's for Dr. Tom, so I
don't confuse it with some other order or donation.


Again, I'm only going to ask this once, and Tom and I both hate to
even have to do that. I only do it because things are getting
pretty dire for him. Even a little bit, from a lot of people, adds
up to a lot. So even if $5 or $10 is all you can spare at the
moment, it will still be much appreciated. Tom and I both thank you
in advance.


Larken Rose
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=?utf-8?q?=5Bspam=5D_?= Josie the Outlaw: 1,000,000 Views!


Tessa and I just posted a video to celebrate the 1,000,000th video
of the "Josie the Outlaw" YouTube channel, and to explain why Josie
is the best "Ambassador for Anarchy" that we know of. Here's the

Josie and I just started planning what we think will be a pretty
big project, consisting of six videos, each of which will stand
alone, but together make a pretty comprehensive explanation of the
problem with the world, and the SOLUTION to it. And as usual with
the Outlaw project, it won't just be the "preaching to the choir"
routine, but will be designed to get the ideas to the rest of the
world.(We're hoping to finish it by Porcfest, though we don't dare
promise anything yet.)

Josie's web site:

I keep getting comments from people wondering who the organization
and financial backers are behind the "Josie the Outlaw" project.
Well, there's aren't any. The entire operation--planning the
videos, writing the scripts, taping and editing, etc.--is all done
by Josie and myself. We get a few donations here and there, but
that's about it. (And we're still paying back the people who
chipped in at the beginning.) We each do other stuff to try to pay
our dang bills, while devoting as much of our time and energy as we
can to the project. So if you see the value in what we're doing, a
little help would be greatly appreciated.

Donations to the "Josie the Outlaw" project can be made by PayPal to
"This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

or by Bitcoin to

( To donate by debit or credit card, visit:

We aren't yet set up to receive "snail mail" donations directly to
the Outlaw project, but if you want to send payment to me (made out
to me, not "Josie the Outlaw"), with a note that that's what it's
for, that would be much appreciated.

Larken Rose
P.O. Box 653
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006